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    2014 GMC Sierra 1500 W/T 4.3 2wd
  1. All you guys that bought a Range device wasted your money...that button disables AFM.
  2. 2014 Sierra, never had an issue with steering, recall was performed late last year if I remember right. I just washed it a couple days ago in a self-serve bay, and did a low pressure rinse on the frame and underside. Started it up to leave, and had the the lovely "Service power steering-drive with care" message. Yesterday, it completely lost power steering. I guess I get to make an appointment with the dealer. I'm thinking some water got some place it shouldn't be. This truck is really starting to grind my gears...
  3. They probably did it to save money figuring not many people would actually notice
  4. Precisely, it ain't high mileage till you've made it to the moon!
  5. I think keys run a little more around me. I was gonna get a third spare to stick under the truck, but decided to get a tank of gas instead and not lock the keys in the truck
  6. I liked the Denali...not sure how I feel about this one.
  7. I think real trucks have 3 pedals on the floor (the parking brake doesn't count lol). The only full size still offered with a manual is Dodge, but you have to get the Cummins to get the Mercedes manual. My 14 has the 4.3, 6spd, and 3.23 gears. The only time it has issues figuring out what gear it wants is on hilly roads with a heavy load, or driving on the freeway into a very strong headwind. I find myself in tow/haul in these situations so it hangs onto gears longer.
  8. Who knows, maybe they'll introduce a class 7/class 8 at some point?
  9. 1. For the park assist, that's why there's a warranty. 2. It's a 1-ton diesel. TPMS isn't required on vehicles above 10k GVWR, so you may not have it. It stinks that you were mislead, but if I was dropping that much money on a truck, I'd best be sure it was what I wanted it to be. 3. DEF gauge is probably in the DIC 4. (:
  10. Before I begin, let me just say to take anything you read with a grain of salt. You will hear of the 5 people that had a problem, but you never hear about the 1,000 that didn't. I have a 2014 Sierra 4.3 I've had for about 9 months now. Had 50k miles on it when I bought it, and I'm about ready to hit 70k miles. All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with it. Rides good, hauls/tows pretty good, gets good gas mileage, and hasn't left me stranded yet. It was flawless the first 7 or 8 months, but some issues have been coming up as of late. The passenger window fell into the door, so I've got it shimmed up. All 4 control arm bushings are dry rotted, and the ball joints are starting to get a little loose. I replaced the upper control arms on both sides, but still have to do the lowers. The big issue I'm having is the steering rack will need to be replaced soon. The mounting bushings are rotted and the rack itself is getting worn out. The steering has been getting worse and worse over the last few weeks. I've had a couple electrical glitches here and there, but nothing severe enough for me to remember (: I bought this truck hoping to get a couple years without repairs, but it is what it is I guess. Most of my problems are front end related, and, to be fair, I live in Michigan, and our roads are crap. Especially around me, it seems the county spends more money on their annual Christmas party than they do the roads.
  11. Which Lawn/Garden Tractor To Buy?

    What Grumpy Bear said. Go to a local equipment dealer or search around on Craigslist and find an old JD, Wheel Horse, Simplicity, or whatever. You can find them for far less than a grand, and they'll still be running when all these new box store machines are in the junk yard, or recycling bin, or wherever. I bought a 1992 JD STX38 several years ago for pocket change. Only replaced the shift fork and a belt over the course of 4 years. I needed a little bit more machine for 6 acres, so now I have a Woods zero-turn
  12. I hope so too, but it's not high on priority since I can count on 1 hand the number of times I've used that window.
  13. I was driving into town this morning and heard something rattling on the passenger side of the cab. Then I started hearing wind noise and looked at the passenger window and saw it was slowly opening. The window crank was also turning. I hit the bump over a culvert and the window quickly disappeared into the door. I could roll it back up and it stays closed, but it starts rolling back down with the slightest jolt. Shimmed the window up, and I guess I get to pull the door panel off to see what's going on. Maybe it's a special feature...Automatic Window Roller-Downer
  14. The base DIC doesn't have a V4 indicator. I know I'm in V4 when the truck starts shuddering oh so slightly. My ScanGauge II shows instant MPG, and there's barely an increase with V4.

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