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  1. So I've been able to find answers elsewhere to some of my questions. When you buy the system from Infotainment.com they send you an IOB module (I assume used from another truck) already programmed for the camera that you then swap with the existing IOB. You cannot upgrade an IOB to an IO5 or IO6 without swapping out everything. Camera P/N 23244435 that GM Upfitters lists has been changed to 84062896. Same camera just changed the number. You also need to buy the handle 84016231 like TripleSix states above. So, from what I can tell, what TripleSix did should be the cheapest and best route depending on what the dealer charged to program the computer to accept the camera. TCSC charged him $50 also. The only question I have left is to TripleSix. Did you have the electronic locking tailgate like I do? I have read that they both share the same plug and I'll have to remove some pins to marry them together and then plug in. I know you had dealership install the latch and camera so you don't know how they did that part. I want to save some $$ and I'm sure I can handle that part. Just need to know if you had the auto locking tailgate to know if I can even do this.
  2. I too have the 2016 GMC Sierra Elevation and want to get the backup camera. I've been looking at the Infotainment system for $500 also. What exactly are you swapping out the IOB for, an IOS6? Because of my warranty I'd really like to stay with OEM. I'm also concerned about swapping out the IOB and causing changes to my Onstar, XM, Bluetooth, etc. I have auto locking tailgate also. What problems does this cause? GM Upfitters in bulletin 127 states: "For 2016-17 model year vehicles use camera P/N 23244435 or a compatible after-market camera*. For 2015-2017 w/o RPO UVC or 5F9 with ZW9: Activation of the Rear Vision Feature will require a reprogramming procedure by a GM Service Center of either the radio or the Human Machine Interface (HMI) module. For vehicles equipped with the radio options IO3 or IOB, the radio will need to be reprogrammed. For vehicles equipped with the IO4, IO5 or IO6 radio options, the HMI module will need to be reprogrammed. The radio/module reprogramming should be completed PRIOR to mounting the camera, as the display will need to be activated in order to obtain a good rearview display coverage area. Dealers should contact TCSC to have a special Rear Vision Camera option (RWR) added to the vehicle’s configuration index (VCI). RWR is a special option/calibration developed especially for adding a rear camera to a vehicle with a service body. Once the VCI is updated, reprogram the appropriate module based on the radio option code. " According to this you you only need to get the camera 23244435, install it in the tailgate latch, and have the radio reprogrammed. Has anyone done this? For those of you that did the Infotainment system, do you like it?
  3. I have searched all over this forum for answers to my questions and I'm as confused as ever. I just purchased a used 2016 GMC Sierrra 1500 quad cab Elevation Edition. I want to add a few things that I'm amazed it didn't come with. I've already been to dealership and they were not much help. I want to add remote start, backup camera, and an Onyx Plus XM (using stock shark fin antenna). 1) Remote start- according to dealership and what I've read on here I need item # 22997089. Anything else? Intellilink or computer need flashed at dealership? 2) Backup camera- dealership parts guy says can't do. I found a set up on infotainment.com that looks like OEM and will work but I have code IOB in glove box. Replacing the IOB radio module scares the hell out of me. What am I getting with this? IO5? IO6? Will I still have the radio options I have now or better? Will Onstar still work? Warranty? 3) Onyx Plus XM- I want to add this. I already have one from my old truck. I have it so I can move back and forth between my truck and my motorcycle while paying for only one service. I want to use the factory shark fin antenna instead of adding another unsightly puck on the roof. I've seen a fakra to SMB radio adapter on here. Will this work without disrupting Onstar? Where is a good place to mount the XM since the AUX port and power (lighter) are in center console? One more question. Whenever I use my turn by turn direction through Onstar or my cell phone, the directions are low volume. How do I turn this up? I tried auto volume but no luck. Any good videos to help me navigate Intellilink? That was two questions. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have the XM Onyx Plus that I move back and forth between my motorcycle and my old truck. I want to put it in my new 2016 Sierra 1500 (keeps me from paying for two services) and use the shark fin antenna. The fakra to SMB adapter will allow me to do this without disrupting my Onstar? Where is everyone mounting these portable units since the auxiliary jack and cigarette lighter plug are in the arm rest?
  5. New member

    Hello new member here. Today I purchased a used 2016 GMC Sierra Elevation ed. 4x4 quad cab with 15k miles on it. This is a big deal for me because I have always owned Fords. I hope to learn more about my truck here and to receive help with any repairs I come across. Look forward to being part of the GM world.

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