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  1. So I've rebuilt my 2014 Silverado that was in a front end collision and repaired everything except one last thing. I'm getting error code B0081 and my airbag light is on, saying that the passenger presence sensor (weight sensor in passenger seat) has an issue. In the front end collision, there wasn't a passenger in the front seat and the passenger side airbag did not deploy. So I don't know why I have an error with it. So to fix it, I either need to: 1. replace the sensor ($250-$300) 2. find a way to repair/recalibrate the current sensor 3. find a way to bypass the sensor and have the passenger airbag on all the time Other than option 1, does anyone know how to do #2 or #3?
  2. I'll rescan tonight and see what the heck is going on. I'm getting a bluetooth adapter for the Torque Pro app I just got, so my cheapy scanner might be giving me the fits.
  3. Don't think so unless I'm putting the 4 in the wrong spot from what I saw last night, but I'll check it again this evening. Maybe it's my scanner.
  4. So I have a new code, check engine light did NOT come on, but I have a soft code of P0004, which from what I've found is for the fuel volume regulator control circuit? From my searches it seems like it's common in diesels, but since I have the 4.3l V6, I have absolutely no idea how it might affect my truck, and haven't been able to find anything on how to address it. Last month I had to replace the fuel pump, so I don't know if it would be tied to that or not? Anyone have any ideas or point me where to start looking? 2014 Chevy Silverado 4.3l V6
  5. Ha yeah that sounds pretty standard. I'm assuming there's no easy way to fix it?
  6. So I went to aim my right headlight to raise it a little, and the dang thing just spins and the headlight won't adjust on my aftermarket projector. Does anyone know if I can easily fix the adjuster or do I pretty much just have to get a new headlight?
  7. For those of you that need to reset, or replace your air bag module after your air bags have deployed, it is located underneath the center console or jump seat. I was told it was under the driver's seat, which it's not. For the entire process, for the air bag system, there's a couple good videos on youtube for the air bag removal and front seat and center console removal. The clockspring is really straight forward, but couldn't find a video of it on youtube. You'll need a pair of lock ring pliers. For the seat removal, just follow the you tube videos, very simple and quick. It's actually a little more difficult re-installing the driver's seat than it is taking it out, but a little patience and it goes right in. Overall replacing/resetting an air bag system is not difficult to do at all, just make sure you follow all safety precautions first. I was quoted almost $1,500 just for the drivers air bag, clock spring, module and front sensors. I did everything but the front sensors myself and saved almost $900!
  8. Thanks! Thats what I was thinking but the ring isnt shaped like a typical snap ring so I wasnt sure. Is there a spring under the clock spring? A guy I talked to said Ill need some kind of puller/spreader to put it back on. I didnt see one when looking at it last night but it was dark so I don't know.
  9. Does anyone know how to remove the clockspring? It looks like theres a retainer ring holding it on that has 2 small holes, potentially to separate it to remove it? Is there a tool for it? My truck was in a wreck and Im rebuilding it and have to replace both the clock spring and airbag. Ill try to get a photo this afternoon of the retainer ring.
  10. So total of $775 to replace the fuel pump. The part only has a 1 year 12,000 mile warranty which is disappointing, but at least Im back on the road.
  11. Thanks for the info! Makes you wonder why the original part they put in the truck is covered for lifetime, but only the replacement is...
  12. No warranty. It would have been included in the 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, which expired. It's not included in the power train warranty.

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