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  1. Sounds normal. My 18 makes the exact same noise, but I've read it's normal with this truck. Something different with how they build the front ends in these HD trucks I've read. This is the loudest truck I've ever driven in 4WD, but with the stereo going, I don't even hardly notice the noice. 688 miles now and counting on the truck; seems to be getting slightly quieter the more I use it? Could just be my imagination..
  2. Been averaging 9.x MPG since I've had the truck. Only 600 miles on it now and I've got a few months to go until the summer when the summer fuel blend, no remote starting, and not running 750 lbs in the bed will help push that # up a bit. Was getting 11-12 MPG with the Tundra I had before this with the same sort of driving. Similar load all the time too. But oh well. Needed the payload capacity of the 2500 and don't want two vehicles for regular use. MPG is not on my list of concerns, to be honest.
  3. You have changed my life for the better, good sir.
  4. You should have read the thread. Recirc door closes 90% instead of 100% because of excess dust intrusion from a negative pressure inside the cabin. Has absolutely nothing to do with starving the driver of air. It used to close at 100% and then the BCM programming was changed in 2014 after people complained too much of excessive dust intruding into the cab. My 2018 2500HD LTZ does this behavior... It is nothing other than POOR ENGINEERING on GM's part. I'm not even going to bother continue trying to prove this point because I think it's been proven. No other cars being sold today have recirc. functions so poor that it does nothing to block odors like these K2 trucks. Otherwise loving the truck... But **** this is annoying with how many people smoke in my city while driving with their windows open... (Even now in the dead of winter) Don't know why any Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford, Dodge, BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, Lexus, Kia, or Hyundai don't have this problem, but these K2 trucks do... Poor software engineering? If there's ANY concern of suffocation, then why can't the door close 100% for the first like 10 minutes after the button is pressed, and then open up to 90% after a certain duration. Not often I'm behind the same smelly vehicle for more than 5 minutes anyway. No one is expecting a Tesla-like 'Biohazard Mode' here... Just don't want to smell the smelly diesel or the smoker in front...
  5. Picked up this new 2018 2500HD 4x4 CCLB LTZ with the 6.0 a couple weeks back and am so far enjoying the step up! (Always had half tons before this truck; first HD truck). Pic was taken the first week I had it. Have since added some Husky mud flaps to it as well as some basic essentials like good floor mats and the Husky underseat storage bin. And of course some good winter tires for yanking the sled trailer around up here as well as the Rigid DOT fog light kit. I've got some Iron Cross 'Patriot' running boards on order, but they've been on backorder for about 3 weeks now so I may wind up ordering something else; not sure. I'm thinking the next steps will be the spray-in liner and a Truckboss sled deck with a Bedslide. Or I might just pull the box and go with a custom flatbed. Not totally sure yet. This is my first GM product, so I want to give it a couple months at least before dumping too much $$ into it. I gotta admit your guys' lifted/leveled trucks look SICK. This truck, especially the CCLB looks GREAT with some aggressive tires and a lift or level. But I probably won't go that route since the truck works good for me stock. But I'll always drool a little at some of your all's trucks..
  6. How does the recirc door closing all the way contribute to MORE dust in the cabin? Genuinely asking as I do not understand why the door being closed somehow creates more dust?? Next question: Sooo...anyone know how to get to the recirc door on these K2 trucks? If it only closes 90%, then I want to close off the last 10%. I'm with OP in that I've never owned a vehicle where recirc DOESN'T block pretty much all outside smells. I'm really getting sick of smelling cig smoke through the vents on my new truck. Other than that though and some small complaints about the seats, I'm pretty pleased with the 2018 2500HD CCLB 4x4 LTZ a few weeks ago!

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