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  1. hey There, i'm running 325 65 r18 Duratrac's on my stock rims for my 2018 Sierra 3500, they clear my mud flaps / wheel well liners, (it does rub sway bar at full lock though) about as close as humanly possible..... on all fronts.
  2. hey Gearhead, i was just under the truck yesterday double checking clearances, with my wife holding the steering wheel each way, there is no contact on the UCA nor anywhere inside the wheel wells themselves BUT at full lock it does rub against the sway bar, considering 1/4 inch wheel just to give a little bit of clearance... but might just let it ride... it's only at full lock so i am not sure if i should space it the 1/4 inch or call it a day and keep that 1/4 inch extra on my wheel lugs instead...
  3. i Wish some aftermarket wheels would have similar specs to the stock wheel size.... mine clear with no trimming anywhere, but if i went with an aftermarket wheel i'm for sure gonna have to go all metal chopping crazy lol. i just went with the 2 inch leveling kit.... i was tempted to do the RC 3.5 but i wanted to retain some ride quality, even the 2 inch leveling kit IS noticeable if i went to 3.5 i couldn't see being happy with the ride quality... it still rides nice with the 2", but it's heavy winter here so roads are not the nicest so i do notice the truck got a bit stiffer (although still fully acceptable ride quality) if i choose to go higher than 2 later i'm gonna have to just put out for the 4.5BDS kit.
  4. got the truck leveled with some new tires. 2018 GMC Sierra 3500 with 325/65/r18 Duratracs (34.6 x 12.8) weather is terrible driveway is just snow so i just snapped a pic when i was leaving the liquor store... lol
  5. the exact reason i returned the Power Wagon.... i wanted a sled deck for it and it cannot carry one... truck cannot do airbags either even if i wanted to try to do it... not sure why my pic is not working .... but picture a completely stock 3500 Slate Grey Mettalic 2018 hah... after i got 34 Litres per hundred pulling my newly used travel trailer a couple months ago back home (bought it about 9 hours away... winter time so good deal!) i wanted a more purpose built truck... the 5.7 Hemi was just amazingly bad on fuel ... i could barely make it between some towns... i went through the Icefields and was getting pretty damn nervous when my old ram said i had 160km of fuel left.... and i had to drive 150km to the next gas station... i know the 6.0L chevy is not exactly a Prius... but bigger tank and bullet proof from everything i have read about it, and built to work, it pulls my sled trailer with better mileage than my 5.7 hemi so far... (although day to day mileage is worse but comparing apples to oranges 1/2 to 1 ton so cant blame it ) only have about 1200km on it so far... but it's been nice so far!. I couldn't justify the diesel... i have a company truck for work, so the new 3500 goes out once a week on average really.... and my dry weight of my travel trailer is 6600 gross of 10k will never pull a bigger trailer and i hear about longterm issues with diesel's when it comes to warming up in the winter and short trips (unless i'm camping or sledding the truck just goes to the grocery store just to get it moving sometimes.... Me and the wife usually drive her Jeep as more town friendly. can't wait to actually get it out this spring with the Travel Trailer though..... if i can get 500km out of a tank of gas i will be happy...... (the ram went low fuel at 300km so 350 max...)
  6. well i got this one about 2 months ago now. wish i had better pictures that were not on the dealership lot but the roads are all snow / ice / salt so this is the only time it has been clean since i got it. i have plans on lifting - removing lower valance, updating the stereo (audomobile evo 10's from my old truck under rear seats, might put in my processor / jl amps etc to...) i was a Dodge guy before this to be honest.... based 100% off the looks... i like being able to jam bigger tires in round wheel wells.... i actually purchased the 2018 Ram 2500 Power Wagon before this.... returned it the next day.... my fault for not researching and also dodge fault... i was updating my 2015 Ram to pull my 10,000 pound travel trailer / boat etc so i wanted the higher payload... they show me all the specs for a Ram 2500HD which i was told was the same #'s the 2500 Powerwagon had... turns out that is untrue... 1440 payload 9900 pound pulling on the Power Wagon..... so returned it the next day (did not sign bank papers yet... so they didn't have much of a choice) i was honestly going to order a new Ram 3500 From factory but the dealership was pretty annoying to deal with to begin with (took a full day of negotations on the power wagon....) got sick and tired of going back and forth on #'s i went to GM and took a look. found this 2018 Sierra 3500 SLT leather bose etc, honestly never drove the new generation Chevy / GM product.... glad i did! the dealership was easy to deal with... had it sorted out inside of an hour (work discount so was cost +2% so no dickering needed...) gave me a better trade in $ and was surprising how much nicer these are to drive than the Ram's..... the power wagon was smoother but than again it is a purpose built offroad half ton pretty much... so it better be smooth cause it cant pack crap.... i've prolly spent 30+ hrs researching lifts / levels and options for it.... plan to get it done in late spring, i prefer to have the tires more or less stuffed.... there's a ton of 1 ton lifted gm's around town with 6+ inch lifts and what look like bicycle tires which bum me out... lol i'm not afraid to cut, and see there is a bumper mod to get me another 1/2 inch on the front bumper i plan on doing! but realistically i'm no closer to a plan than when i started.... found pics and posts of people who have fit anywhere from 33 to 37's but it seems it works for one guy and not the next one..... i am leaning towards the 3.5 inch UCA level and hoping for 18x9 rims with 295/70 r18's or go all out depending how broke i want to be... with something like the BDS 4.5 inch lift with 18's 35x12.5 I wish i could find abunch of local trucks with the lift kits so i could see them in person! Pro Comp 6 inch lift is another option, but some trucks look just great and others there's way to much wheel well for my preference....

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