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  1. Does anyone know how to wire a 2017 Canyon Denali 4x4 gas for towing mirrors !! Or a schematic on how to ! I have power and heated mirrors but I don't see the wiring that goes to them for turn signals . You'd think GMC would have them there for future up grades and they don't even offer them for the Canyon Denali's . Thanks for any help !!
  2. The Tin Man

    I'm new to this forum and I've been trying to finish up dating my info to the site and I'm not having any luck !! How do I up load my profile picture and finis up dating all my information to the site ? I'm also a two finger typer as I didn't take typing in school . Thanks The Tin Man
  3. 2017 Canyon Denali

    2017 Canyon Denali 4x4 Red Quartz Tint coat
  4. 2017 Canyon Denali

    Love my Denali !! Haven't done any off roading yet except the dunedin cause way in Clearwater . Also Love my 2005 Coloraro crew cab LS
  5. How-To: GMT900 Tow Mirror Install.

    I BIT the bullet and ordered a set of the Clear View mirrors with the turn signal lighting ! If I can't wire them for the signals does any one know of some one that can do it ?? I live in Clearwater Fl but willing to travel a few miles !!!
  6. How-To: GMT900 Tow Mirror Install.

    It seems like everyone is in the dark about tow mirrors tor my 2017 Canyon Denali !! Is there another site that is more informative ??
  7. How-To: GMT900 Tow Mirror Install.

    I have a 2017 Canyon Denali that I'd like to put the Clear View mirrors on my truck and the dealer ship wont tell me if ot's pre wired for tows with turn signals . My rpo code says there dl9's and I cant locate any info on how to wire them if not plug and play . Has any one done this to their Canyon Denali ?? Thanks !!!!
  8. The Tin Man

    Hi Guys I'm new to the site and haven't done my profile yet but I have a 2005 Colorado Z85 Crew Cab and a 2017 Canyon Denali I'm looking forward to learning new tricks and mods for both of my trucks !! From Clearwater Fl

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