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  1. It's actually a hidden cam. If you hit "Up Arrow + Check mark" simultaneously on the steering functions you can snap sweet selfies while 4 wheeling ... *Note: The images get saved by default to a USB stick plugged in glove Box.
  2. But where will we post then?
  3. Craziest thing happened this weekend aseibel. I got in my truck with muddy boots and all of my weathertechs slipped out the rear passenger door and the door wasn't even open, weathertechs suck!! Happy?
  4. For the record; I've never had any issues with Weathertechs. I vouch for them and would like to emphasize how much I feel they don't suck and perform quite well for my application. -2017 Sierra Crew-
  5. Installed GM factory steps (GM 22912949) (GM 22912950) AND Installed weatherTech splash guards front and Back (not sure I like them the flaps though )

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