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  1. I’ve searched 8 speed issues and have been overwhelmed. I’m looking at a 16 Sierra All Terrain and it had a 5.3 and 8 speed transmission with 30k miles. It’s over 2.5 hours away so I was wondering if it is worth the drive? Have GM tuning issues resolved the problems since they debuted? At 30k miles would the issues probably already of been present by now if it was going to? Thankfully I’d still have some warranty but if they are bad, I will just keep looking at 6 speed trucks.
  2. Thoughts and first impressions? I like it much better than the Silverado. Only thing I’d change would be the fender well openings. The new tailgate is pretty interesting as well.
  3. And that shows the dumbness of GM these days. Perhaps somebody wants a truck with max tow package with the big 6.2L to use the truck to actually work. Sorry, you have to buy this loaded 60k truck and get all this crap you may or may not want. Didn’t they offer the 6.2 in the NNBS in the lower levels originally?
  4. I agree. The new styling/engineering department is way out of touch with what a truck is suppose to be. I don’t know how much you can blame Mike Simcoe but having an Aussie Holden guy at the helm is not helping matters. I remember the quote about the Camaro influence, if they are that stupid they might as well break out the mullet and the el Camino blue prints.
  5. Those hideous things protruding out under the headlights in to the bumper on the 19 are called aero curtains or something like that.
  6. Noooo. I hope not, but if they are I hope they are better integrated into the body than the after thought look of the Fuglyrado. If they tied it in to the fog lights it might be passable.
  7. Did a little more playing around and smoothed out the area around headlight. Driver side looks better than I could do on passenger side since I'm far from professional.
  8. Definitely anxious to see the final product and how they differ from their ugly brother. On the 07-13 I preferred the Sierra, on the 14-15s it was a tie. 16-18 I preferred the Silverado but I’m thinking the Sierra might win out again. I can’t imagine they would do a whole separate body profile like they did on the GMT900 but maybe there is enough profit margin to pull it off? On another note, I can’t believe how short the rear window is. Short of running a low profile tool box, you wouldn’t be able to see out at all.
  9. I can’t help but think to the 07-13 trucks in which a bunch of them had the bumper corners damaged from tight turns through drive thru, etc. I’ve even noticed some on the 14+ body. I just invision those “air curtains” are going to be ripped to pieces on some of these. That’s probably why they put that ungodly seam in the middle of the fender so it can be swapped out. Either way, by the time I can afford or stomach to trade in to the new body, I won’t mind chopping a bumper and fender up to do away with those pieces.
  10. Does any body else despise the fender/bumper vents on the corners? I did some quick ms paint work and now I like the truck much better. I wish this would of been the production look. (Ps I’m no photoshop expert). Maybe someone more experienced could do a better job

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