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  1. Is it wise to replace both upper and lower arms/ball joints at the same time while everything is apart?
  2. My 03 does this when I unlock it. I think its just the switches/relays for perimeter/interior lights and such, and timers for those things firing. Similar things happen when you turn ignition off too.
  3. You were brave using our 1 minute epoxy (I work for Permatex). We have a 5 minute that would have given you a little more time to position the panel. Does the cubby on the GMT800s come out the same way?
  4. Bought my '03 in September with 100K and no rust. Look closely at the body. After careful inspection, it was apparent mine was re-painted. While they did a good paint job, they didn't do very good prep work. Fenders and tailgate are starting to bubble already. I bought it mainly for hauling/towing so the good looking body was a bonus. Not so much now, but oh well. The problems of living in Northern states.
  5. Is this described in the GM catalog as for the driver's side? I need driver's side. The Amazon description is for the passenger's side although there is no picture like the tan version 89045119 (also passenger's side).
  6. Does anyone know the part number for a 2003 extended cab drivers side window switch bezel? The tab is broken off mine and it swings out every time i close the door (drives me crazy). I've found some on ebay, #89045124, but doesn't say that it's compatible with my year even though it looks like a match. GM Part Direct lists two items for my year, 89045119 and 89045121, but both are described as for the right side. Thanks for any help.
  7. Coty, Mine does the same thing. Since I just bought it a few months ago not sure if it's always done this or not. Plan on changing the fluid when it gets warmer.

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