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  1. I just ordered the GM Borla kit, should be here Thursday. Looking forward to it. Appreciate all the info on here.
  2. Yea this is what I’m running into. Anyone know if I toss an HID kit in if it’ll work with the DRL’s? I don’t necessarily need to go LED....
  3. I’m going to have to find this setting. And why the heck would the indicator light not illuminate? One little thing I miss from my Ram....hit the remote start, below 41* the seat heater and steering wheel heater automatically came on and you felt them when you got in. Thanks for this, I’ll dig the setting up somewhere.
  4. I appreciate that link. Pricy but if they fit, ok. Have you used them? Do they work with the DRL’s on a ‘15? (States not designed for DRL’s operating below 8V, not sure what ours are)
  5. I agree with this. I got my 15 CPO LTZ for 22k less than new last week. 20k less than new after I got the bumper to bumper 4yr warranty, tax tag title, and floor mats. Shop around. I looked on CL, autotrader, cars.com. Ended up finding it on cargurus (which btw is a great site, it was my first time using it). Site even gives you days on lot and recent price changes, which really helped my negotiation power. That being said, I was willing to travel 100 miles. Found mine 3 miles from me. Keep looking, good luck.
  6. Do you mind posting a picture of it when you get the time (from the engine bay)? And a kit number? And, are you talking a 15 LTZ with projectors? My main concern is most of the LEDs I’ve seen recommend drilling vent holes in the dust cap for air flow. I’m not doing that. And the two I’ve tried that ‘supposedly’ fit didn’t. Thanks. Sorry, this is my first time back on a car forum in several years and I’m already frustrated.
  7. Yea I’m done with it at this point. Not cutting the cap up. I’ll use the $100 towards exhaust and figure it out later. The stock projectors aren’t that bad at this point.
  8. I will say this. I just got a CPO 15 Silverado LTZ after coming out of a 16 Ram Big Horn loaded with leather. The interior of the Ram was much nicer, the truck rode better, and sounded much better stock. That being said, it had a sunroof and my head hit the ceiling when I drove (seat in lowest position), uconnect was very buggy, nav was terrible, cruise control only worked if you smacked the steering wheel first, and the build quality in general left a lot to be desired. The thing would dent if a moth flew into it. I switched to a used Silverado because I wanted a long term truck without worrying about reliability. I hope I’m right.
  9. Yea I searched this forum and have since tried two different LED bulbs on my 15 LTZ, Cougar “something” and OPT7’s. Neither fit with the dust cap. For now, scrapping the LED’s unless something else arises.
  10. Sorry for bringing up old thread but how the hell are you guys getting dust caps back on? I ordered one set and couldn’t get caps to turn and lock. Returned, ordered the OPT7 kit.....same thing, can’t get cap to turn and lock. What gives?

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