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  1. Some issue with the solenoid according to the dealer, they ordered me a new one. It just goes to the unlocked position all by itself every time.
  2. Just got back from having the dealer program the remote start and all is working as it should!! Truck is a 2016 2500HD LT for anyone looking into this down the road. The code on the glovebox is AQQ and only required the new hood latch and fobs plus the programming. Now to see if they can program a factory back up camera.
  3. I realize this is an old thread, what was the outcome of this? I have a 2016 lt with remote locks but no start. Gm sold me the factory kit with good latch and I am about to go get and install it. I only have code AQQ but the parts guy said it should w ork.
  4. There will always be biased experience on the different forums, I am sure a Dodge forum will say the other two are junk ect. I am sure there are some decent Dodges out there but from my personal experience (its only that and has nothing backing it) Dodge seems to be trailing the pack as far as reliability and lack of quirks.
  5. I wasn't going to be as blunt....but you are spot on with this. I manage a shop and Chrysler product are pure junk, plain and simple. They are always the ones getting towed in with the biggest issues or the tiny ongoing quality issues on new stuff.
  6. Well I guess I'll pull it apart as something isn't working in there.
  7. Just bought and 2500HD and will be undercoating it come spring (want to wait for the salt to get off the roads first). I have previously used fluid film on the last truck and that was SPOTLESS after 4 winters in northern NH were they use a lot of salt. Stuff really works well if applied often and thick, I will be doing that on the new truck as well. Hoping I dont get much rust between now and then.
  8. I dont think you can go wrong between the Ford 6.2 and a 6.0 chevy. Both are very reliable and perform pretty much the same. I would say the 6.0 is a bit easier to work on but the Ford isnt difficult either. The Dodge 6.4 while impressive on paper just doesn't translate to a good usable package in the real world like the other two motors do.
  9. Morning All, just picked up my first Chevy vehicle, a 2016 2500HD LT Crew Cab. When hitting the key fob to lock or unlock my doors I can hear the tail gate attempting to do the same action, yet it always stay unlocked. When using the key into the gate it feels like its just turning an electronic tumbler but I can not get the gate to lock in that fashion either. I know I can take it to the dealer for this issue but wanted to try and figure it out myself if its something simple. Anyone run into this issue before? Is it broken or am I just using it incorrectly? I appreciate the responses, thank you.

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