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    2018 Silverado 1500 LT Dbl Cab Z71 5.3L
  1. Looks good! Are those stock wheels 22s? What did you go with for the new tires/wheels?
  2. I have the stamped UCAs as well and after reading the comments on this forum decided to purchase ReadyLift 2.25" kit with the upgraded control arms (just ordered this week). I live on a dirt road and do some occasional light off-roading, so didn't want to take a chance. A good bit more money for those upgraded UCAs, but didn't want to have to worry about driving down my dirt road and having the ball joint pop out!
  3. Looks great! With regards to the ReadyLift...do you have the option to only put in the top round spacer and leave the bottom U spacer out or do you have to install both? Also do you happen to know how much of a lift you would get by just putting in the top or bottom spacer?
  4. Unfortunately mine demonstrates the exact same fish bite/chuggle/hunting for gears while in Cruise Control as well, so nothing to do with "driver behavior" here. I miss manual transmissions - wish they made that an option or package on these new trucks!
  5. Any one ever notice any issue with pipe whistling while at cruising speeds with side exit exhaust systems? I'm thinking about getting the Borla Touring split side exit and read that there could be an issue with that. Anyone experience that? Also - it's tough to tell from pics online, but for anyone that has the touring side exit, how much farther out do the pipes stick vs. the stock exhaust?
  6. Not tuned as of yet. I only have about 1500 miles on it, but the constant chugging at light tip in is beyond annoying. I was looking at Diablew or Black Bear. Just trying to weigh voiding the warranty with less than 2000 miles on it...
  7. Did you change the UCAs when you did the level?
  8. Exactly my experience as well. 18 LT 6Sp 5.3. What did you get for a tune?
  9. I’m curious to here what they have to say as well, as I’m about to pull the trigger on that kit, but I agree that doesn’t look right to me. Seems to me there would be similar type stress on that ball joint similarly to just installing the level on the stock stamped steel UCA.
  10. I thought the flapper valve was only on the GM Performance (Borla Touring) model and not actually on the Non-GM Borla muffler (i.e. the version that you buy direct from Borla)? I use an AFM Range to wipe out V4 mode and was going to go with the Borla vs. GM performance model as I thought the only difference between the 2 was that the GM model has the flapper and the Borla (non-GM model) does not. The Non-Gm Borla is also cheaper.
  11. That's great! Looking forward to seeing additional pics, as that truck even color wise (Graphite Metallic?) looks a lot like mine, so it gives me an idea of how my truck will look when adding the level. I'm not loving the 22" wheels either that came stock on my truck, but they came with the package, and I like everything else that came with the packages. I'm mostly concerned about not having enough rubber with regards to any off-roading (even light duty off- roading). Did you remove the air dam as well?
  12. Looks good! Looks like the same 22" wheels that are on my 2018 Z71 with 285/45/22 tires. Any rub? Did you replace the stamped steel UCAs when you did the level/lift?
  13. Thanks. Is that flapper valve’s only purpose to make the exhaust sound good when in V4 mode? I use a range, so I’m always in V8 mode. Thinking that since I’m always in V8 mode that I have no use for that flapper and would be best suited to go with the “direct from Borla” Touring vs the GM Borla.
  14. Is the GM Borla kit the touring model? Also can you elaborate a bit on your flapper valve comment? Does replacing the stock exhaust eliminate that or is that something additional that you had to do in addition to installing the borla?

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