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    2014 Sierra 1500 5.3L 4x4 3.42
  1. EDIT: Just got off the phone with my local GMC dealership service center. Stated that shaking at speeds in excess of 75+ mph has been found to be the nature of the fully boxed frame unloaded. He told me he drives a 2015 Sierra 1500 with the same symptoms and searched high and low for a solution when he first got the truck. Found out that placing weight in the back resolves the issue. Has anyone tried this? ORIGINAL MESSAGE: 2014 Sierra 1500 5.3L 4x4 3.42 w/ 49,500 miles Jeeze. Just got my truck a few weeks ago and noticed the shake at speeds in excess of 75mph. Lots of pages on this topic, lots of reading! So far, the only solutions I can find are: Driveshaft balance Spring clamps New shocks (Rear only? Seems to only cover the actual problem) Torque converter (seems to apply to the 8-speed only) I may be missing a few others, but I would love some sort of sticky that summarizes the solutions that have worked, and which engine/transmission/axle combinations it works for. Feel free to PM me your year, engine, drive train, transmission, and axle because I wouldn't mind compiling this info for everyone. Almost at 800 pages of information here, there must be a solution.

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