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  1. How’s the sound after you had this done. I’m thibking about removing my resinator too. I just had a Flowmaster 40 installed
  2. I just added a Flowmaster 40 in replace of the pipe from the the stock muffler delete. It has a nice low rumble and when I get on it, it can be heard even better. Not sure if I want to take the resonator off yet...
  3. Thanks I may try that route. It may be asking too much but do you recall which model muffler it was, or one you recommend?
  4. I really just want it a little louder than stock. Not looking for anything super loud or aggressive. Just enough to have a slight rumble and not have too much cab noise. The tone of the muffler delete sounds like an exhaust leak to me now, it just lacks the lower tone I like. I'm iffy on removing the resonator because I don't want it super loud
  5. I’ve been running a muffler and valve delete on my 14 Silverado for a couple months now. It’s definitely is louder that stock, but I’m not satisfied with the tone too much. I’m thinking about just adding a Flowmaster or Magnaflow on while keeping the resonator installed. Has anyone just swapped the muffler and kept the rear resinator in place?
  6. I guy I know who works at a detail/customization shop said that unless I were to get the LTZ projector headlights, retrofitting the stock ones is the best option for better driving light. He said most, if not all of the aftermarket sets suck!
  7. I’m also curious. My bigger question is how well do they hold up. I’ve seen people say after a year the LED’s go out
  8. When you had the Flowmaster 40 on your 15, did you only replace the muffler or did you also dump everything behind it?
  9. I recently did a muffler delete and flap delete, but kept the resonator/rear cat in place. The sound is a lot louder than stock, but a little more of a "popping" tone than I'd like, if that makes sense. So I'm planning on adding a muffler back in place, I'm thinking flowmaster, as I'm just looking for a low rumble versus the higher pitched tone. My question is... is there a muffler that would make the tone of the exhaust sound nice without removing the rear resonator/cat? Or would it be best to just remove it regardless? I'm not looking for a crazy loud truck, just a smooth, low rumble.
  10. About long did you have them before you noticed the bubbling? I'm personally not a huge fan of running boards, but due to the same reasons (wife and children) they are pretty much required lol.
  11. I’m looking to get some running boards for my 14 Silverado. I like the ones that hug tight to the truck and don’t stick out very far. I’m pretty sure I want to get some that are stainless with black inserts to compliment the wheels and bumpers, but I do like the all black boards as well. Any recommendations ? - (Sorry about the rotated picture, not sure why it did that)
  12. I live in the Kentucky, we have pretty usual seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter). Nothing too bad when it comes to winters in terms of a lot of snow/salt
  13. Thanks for the ideas... I’m unsure whether to go with stainless w/ black inserts or all black running boards. Also whether to go with round or flat boards... I’ve been checking out others pictures but still indecisive.
  14. 14 Silverado Texas Edition. Going to purchase a tonneau top soon. I also need to get some running boards, but can’t decide on which look I want. Love everyone else’s trucks by way!!

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