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  1. Cool! Thats the consensus I got by reading this thread. Glad I decided to give it another try!
  2. Originally I tried to sign up for this as my previous truck was a 3/4 ton Yukon I bought used and now I have a 2018 Silverado. The silverado is my only new vehicle. I signed up using the VIN for the silverado, but when it asked how many other vehicles I had I just put 2 and it didn't ask for any other VIN. We'll see if I still get a packet.
  3. I really don't like the rake look, plus I don't want the bed to get too high for loading stuff into it (ie with thicker blocks). I just ordered a set of 5100's and a Firestone Ride-Rite helper spring air bag kit. I plan to level the truck with the Bilsteins and then if there is any sag while towing or loaded up I can inflate the bags to level it back out. The kit is 2430 for our trucks and can handle up to 4800lbs (obviously more than the payload of a 1/2 ton) so it should be more than capable.
  4. Sounds like you got a pretty good deal! I wouldn't count on that every time though.
  5. If you find one on a lot that has already been ordered and waiting to be bought you can haggle the price down further because the dealer is losing money the longer it sits there. When you order you are choosing not to get what they have in stock and get exactly what you want. You are not committed to the order but now they know this is what you're looking for and you ordered it because you couldn't find one nearby. Chances of you walking out to go buy a vehicle elsewhere are slim. That works to their advantage.
  6. Mine is nothing special. 2018 LTZ Max Tow. I added the bed cover, widow guards, mud flaps, and illuminated bowtie but otherwise all stock. I have Bilstein 5100's on order and will probably do wheels/tires down the road.
  7. Cool deal! Nice truck! I had to order mine since I couldn't find one with the options I wanted. That left me with far less negotiating power. I still ended up paying about 10K off MSRP due to the rebates/incentives in March.
  8. I did some more reading through here and saw some posts about NHT owners upgrading to 5100s. It seems that most people are pleased with the results. The ones who didn't appeared to have too much sag, stacking lift kits, etc. all things that probably created their own issues. I also saw old screen shots from web sites saying the 5100's were for all except NHT. However on TireRack, Amazon, and even Bilstein's own website there is no mention of these not being applicable for NHT equipped trucks. Perhaps something changed in the shock, or Bilstein has done more testing, but it doesn't appear to be an issue any more. I am going to go ahead and purchase them based on what I have been able to find. I also bought some Firestone Ride-Rite air springs to assist the load in the rear. I currently tow an 18' open car trailer, but it is all steel. That with the race car on it, spare tires, fuel is around 7000lbs. Then I put a bunch of tools, cooler, more fuel, etc in the bed which is probably close to another 1000lbs. I had a 2000 3/4 ton Yukon before this and it handled the weight no problem, but rode rough and got terrible fuel mileage. It got to the point I didnt feel safe having the kids in it (old and wearing out) which is why I bought the '18 1500 NHT. Same tow rating as the Yukon but better ride and mileage. Th bouncy feeling does not give me confidence towing with any weight.
  9. Here's the only number I could see on the harness. Googling it only comes up with the whole kit though. Perhaps a dealer can help.
  10. The description of the NHT package says it has different shock valving, I think everything else is the same (except the rear springs) so I don't see a need for a separate part number. Did you do any towing with the stock shocks vs the 5100's? I only have 500 miles on mine and haven't towed yet, but I cant imagine the bouncy feeling getting better with load. I think the firmer ride would be an OK trade for towing vs the bouncy/bucking feeling.
  11. I read through a lot of this topic, but not all. I see mostly people replacing the Rancho Z71 shocks with the Bilsteins, but I didn't see anyone compare them to the NHT Max Trailering factory shocks. I have has my '18 for a little more than a week now, and it seems a little bit bouncy. I have not towed with it yet, but feel it may not be able to control weight all that well. I dont know, maybe it gets better with some weight. Anyone change out your factory NHT shocks for the 5100's and feel the change was worth it? Any towing comparisons?
  12. My '18 came with the lights and harness in a box under the back seat. I guess the dealer forgot to install it, and I haven't gotten around to it yet. Ill see if the harness has a number on it when I get home later today.

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