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  1. There is a SAE standard for OEM (Chevy, Ford, etc) which explains the test procedures... http://www.trucktrend.com/how-to/towing/1502-sae-j2807-tow-tests-the-standard/ SAE J2807 is well worth reading; the above link is a lot more "entertaining" reading that the boring, dry verbiage of J2807.. I hope this helps clarify the "rules" OEMs must meet with tow ratings..
  2. First check the RPO codes in the glove box to see what equipment is on your truck. Does your truck have the codes for a factory installed external oil cooler and transmission cooler? Does it have the tow mode option? If it does not have the factory installed extra coolers, buy them. If it doesn't have tow mode, there is a problem.. As part of your test, put the truck into tow mode and drive it.. Use the DIC to check oil and transmission temperatures.. A 3.08 will downshift a heck of a lot more than a 3.42... Which will cause your engine oil and transmission oil to get hotter than a 3.42. Your friend's truck may be different so adjust the spring bars on the equalizer hitch until your truck sits level. Swaying is why they call campers "tail waggers" A lot of new trucks have a system which uses the trailer brakes to stop yawing, aka tail wagging.. Personally, I prefer a friction brake which is manually adjusted. As the dealers sell trucks and don't engineer them, all they will do is quote the factory rating... As far as what the government has done to trucks; the greatest lies apply. 1. The check is in the mail 2. The problems are fixed in the next software release 3 And, the greatest lie of all is I'm from the government and I'm here to help.
  3. I had a 69 Camaro BBC and I agree 100%; the 67 to 69 was a special generation of bow ties.. SBC to BBC, there was something for everyone.. Judging by the number of Ma Mopar's retro look cars I see on the road; Ma hit a home run which proves your point.
  4. I towed a 29'-6" about 6K# dry with a '10 Silverado, extended cab, 4WD, 3.42 and auto with no problems.. Put it in tow mode, set the cruise and let it do what GM built it to do.. Tow mode is just as useful coming down a grade as it is going up. I lived in western NC at the time and it is mountainous. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interstate_26#North_Carolina We'd used to go up the mountain, then West on I-40 to Tennessee. When I had the camper I used to frequent the camper forums, the 4.10 uses a lot of gas as a daily driver. I'd go with the 3.42 and if your truck lacks the transmission and engine oil coolers, I'd add them. Inside your glove box, there's a decal with all the standard and optional equipment. The decal will have what weight the truck is designed to tow. I spent 45 years in power train design engineering, engines, transmissions and differentials; my last 11 years was in forced induction design engineering. IMO, 3.08s are a bit too low numerically for good towing. Have you looked into what they call ultra light campers? The ultra light version of what I had was in the mid-3s dry..
  5. When I was working, I-26's Saluda grade which goes from the foothills of SC to NC, over a 1200' climb with a 6% and 7% grade.. Literally MPG stunk.. The Silverado could go up the grade towing in the middle lane and do the speed limit plus 2 to 5 MPG. I can't say the same for a lot of other trucks towing about the same.. It was a re-badge or a Chevy built in a GMC plant... My Silverado was relatively quick for what it weighed. However at 70 or fast acceleration, it guzzled the gas.. OTOH, when one considered what it could do, I easily forgave it.. It was an extended cab and the back seat was used less than 5 times by humans, the dogs were the prime occupants. The interior was cloth and dog hair was a real problem. The Canyon has leather and to protect it from dog claws, I bought a Cover King Cordura "ballistic nylon" seat cover.. As it is heavy duty, the fit well, lets say Cover King is being honest: " This stiffer fabric doesn't fit as tightly as others, but offers more durability " It's the saggy, baggy elephant of seat covers.. As you said the Canyon's styling is spot on.. I've gotten more compliments on the Canyon than any other vehicle I've owned.. Parking is easy and it has changed a local turn, then back up and turn again corners into turn.. We buy eggs from a neighbor and the turn is a Y. Can't complain as all full size (GM, Dodge, Ford, Toyota) trucks have the same issue. Some RWD cars will lose traction.. As I mentioned, I'm built like an orangutan.. 34-36 inseam depending on who made the jeans. I fit well in the Canyon, but my arms match my legs. In the 66 and 69 Corvettes, my right leg had a red spot from rubbing the console..
  6. What did you do to your "other" car (aka musclecar) today

    It is never wise to drop what sells.. I've owned 3 white vehicles.. They look decent until the first pass of the sponge shows how dirty they really were.. All I can say is a white vehicle is quite different than a white shirt..
  7. Depends on what one is shooting at and if there is a family or animals in the house or neighbors close enough for shot after damage. So no, everyone doesn't shoot at sound in the darkness as one might miss and as it gives away one's position, the bad guy might have a gun. One of the better ideas, is create "fatal funnels" were a night light silhouettes them. Here, no kids the forest is too thick to see the closest neighbor's flood lights at night and the Pitts don't take kindly to strangers on the property nor inside the house.
  8. The '10 Silverado had all the HD towing options, so highway MPG was 18. No AFM might have been why the mileage was less? Pulling 6K# dry weight trailer was effortless. Throw it in tow mode and set the cruise.. All I ever needed to do was adjust the friction brake in high winds to stop the tail wagging. I can't say enough to brag on that truck's abilities.. The Canyon is the crew cab with 6' bed. So no "bucking Bronco" ride.. I have long legs and arms, over 6' with wide shoulders and 200# and the I fit fine in the Canyon. The Silverado had more leg room than the Corvette and one of the very few vehicles where I couldn't reach and open the passenger door. LOL Between here and the cabin, is about 110 miles each way and we make the drive once a week.
  9. This guy is having a bad day.

  10. Which Lawn/Garden Tractor To Buy?

    I had great luck with an Ariens also.. When I lived in MD, I had 2+ acres to mow and bought what would be an old Murray with a huge cut. After we added landscaping, the Murray required circling and circling.. I know, buy a zero turn, but they didn't exist back then.. I sold it and bought an Ariens which shortened the time it took and considerably.. When I moved to Michigan, I was mowing 6 acres and it handled that easily.. When I moved to NC, I had Bermuda grass and the neighbor who did landscaping said the Ariens would never handle it. The problem wasm't handling the mowing; it was the Bermuda grass filled the two grass catches quickly.. When I moved to western NC, he bought the Ariens from me and still has it... A prime thing for the OP to consider is the dealer you buy from as some offer great service and others not so great. Or they are great but have a huge backlog and the grass doesn't stop growing. LOL
  11. I'm getting mid-26s from the Canyon V6 with AS tires. I can't say my 2010 Silverado 5.3 with M&S tires was 2 MPG less. When we had the camper, the dual wheels of the camper went into a 12" or so ditch. It was a single lane dirt road cut on a mountain with a vertical on one side and a steep slope on the other. In short, with no room to swing the truck and close to no room to play back it up jockeying for a better angle. The Silverado pulled it out without spinning a tire and the Canyon could never do that.. Getting the camper out was even more difficult as I had added a gate to keep people out.. However, I could back the camper up to get a better angle.. With me, the trucks I own are based on my need for what they can do. When I needed it, the Silverado was the best truck I could have picked for the job. It pulled the camper up I-26's Saluda grade without needing to follow the interstate rigs in the slow lane. Yes, a lot of other trucks could do the same. Now my towing need is for a 18'-1" dual console fiberglass bass boat with a 150 HP Mercury. The Canyon does it easily and seems to be more maneuverable at the launch ramp. OTOH, either does and did it well.
  12. By natural point of aim " without using any visual input to aim" and " Dry fire drill" , it sounds similar to shooting at "sound??" As ex-Infantry with a CIB, learning to point and hit is important. There isn't time to adjust stance; so one learns to shoot from all kinds of positions. I have competed so I know what you are saying.. OTOH, when someone is shooting back, offering less target is wise. Competitive shooting and combat. home invasion or any form of being attacked shooting are different. It's one of those it depends situations. When shooting at multiple targets in competition, I used a stance I would not use if being shot at.. From the link. their "tactical" stance offers the most target to someone shooting at you.. Hitting a 24"x24" target is a lot easier than a 12"x12" target and so on.. Or prone with cover can be best..
  13. Log home

    We have a house and a log cabin. To us, the look of the wood inside is beautiful and wouldn't change it. To us, the look of wood is beautiful. So I have to say I agree with diyer2 well past 100%..
  14. By natural point of aim, do you mean point shooting? Point shooting is similar to pointing one's index finger; it is, as they say, close enough. With point shooting, I do best with 1911s, Hi-Powers and S&W M59 or M39 kind of pistols. I'm not as close with P38, P1 or most Glock pistols. I've heard it's a height of the bore axis to trigger finger and grip angle to bore. IMO, pistols are similar to shoes or one size doesn't fit all feet. The easiest test of what works best is point a pistol pretending you're pointing your index finder. Then, move your head to see where it really would hit. To me, there is a difference between cover and concealment. Cover is something that stops bullets; concealment conceals, but doesn't stop bullets.
  15. Date build

    X2 that is what I did and received a complete build list the next day.

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