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  1. Detailing Supply Storage

    See, I wanted to do a rolling cart as well, however my neighbors.. are not quite good people. So, as much as I'd love to solely use a rolling cart, I can't and need to use some locking cabinets too.. and good solutions are not easy to find on an island, and if I need to go online shipping it isn't cheap either.
  2. Detailing Supply Storage

    I like that idea... I was hoping to do something like a cabinet and a side storage for towels and whatnot. So you’ve given me some ideas Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Detailing Supply Storage

    I see... Well, being in Hawaii a lot of things get exposed to salt breeze, and not too many houses have enclosed garages. Or if they do, I want their jobs. So, I'm trying to think of a decent way to store all my supplies, whether it be cabinets or what.
  4. Detailing Supply Storage

    Anyone got any ideas of a good detailing supply storage? Possibly pics of your personal set up for examples. Any help would be appreciated
  5. Just as the title says, just wanted to get everyone's opinion on different buffers that you may be running in your detailing arsenal. Just curious on what everyone's set up is
  6. New member from Houston

    Welcome to the forum! And a very nice truck as well.
  7. Just gotta buy a new truck or buy new from factory to beat your record now haha
  8. Doooooooo it, it's fun!
  9. NEW to GM

    Welcome to GMT. Congrats on the new truck!
  10. New from New Mexico

  11. New member from Dallas

  12. Got a scare from the gas station

    I am as well...but man inflation during the start, and peak of tourist season, so crazy..
  13. Got a scare from the gas station

    I guess that's true. But also, nothing ever lasts in Hawaii with the exceptions of tacomas and civics lol
  14. Got a scare from the gas station

    See, that I would enjoy. I look at prices here, and I have a 93 octane tune on my truck so I need to run at least 91-93. With that, the premium fuel on island starts at roughly $4.06 now, and diesel is at $3.99... In hindsight, wish I got a diesel now.

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