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  1. Smoked my driving lights, amber turn signals, amber corner markers, and fogs with VHT nightshades. Blacked out my bowtie, Z71 emblem, and chrome bumper valance with plastidip.
  2. Blacked out my whole front end this weekend. Have a separate post for my headlights. Used platidip on my bowtie, Z71 emblem, and chrome bumper valance/skid plate/mustache. Used VHT nightshade on my fog lights.
  3. Finally cracked open my headlights on my 2016 Silverado Z71. The first one took forever to figure out, but the second one was much easier. Baked them at 240 degrees for 20 min the first time then each additional time 240 degrees for 10 min until I was able to crack the entire seal. Once they were apart, it was pretty straight forward. Applied 2 coats of VHT nightshade to everything and sealed back up with silicone. I applied a generous bead where the original seal was and put back together then baked for 240 degrees for 10 min to help cure. Once put back together I put another bead of silicone on the outside of the housing to ensure a tight seal. Washed my truck 2 days later and got rained on last night, no leaks!
  4. Yes, I also smoked my amber turns signals, corner markers, and running lights... used VHT nightshade. Left the matte finish on the fronts, wet sanded and waxed rear for a gloss finish.
  5. Mine rubbed right on the plastic corner of the back portion of the front fenders... trimmed the plastic and the metal under it.. will take pics for you this weekend.
  6. Just installed a 3" motofab level kit on my 2016 with factory rear. Upgraded to 20x12s (-44) with 33x12.5 mud tires. Took a little plastic and metal trimming to not rub. Before and after pics below.
  7. I plan on having my chrome mustache vinyl wrapped this weekend. I can snap a pic for you when it is removed.
  8. Loving them so far. Only have about 400 miles on them. They growl a bit at low speeds and hum over 50+, but I actually like hearing them. Nothing overwhelming. Very smooth for a mud tire. My little brother has them on his 2009 and they're wearing very nice.
  9. Installed a 3" Motofab level on my truck last weekend. Rear is stock. Added 20x12s with 33x12.5 tires. Minor plastic and metal trimming, no rub at all. Smoked my tails and 3rd brake light. Will smoke my front turn signals and corner markers this weekend. Will also vinyl wrap the chrome mustache on the bumper, unless someone wants to trade for all black. Going to do a muffler delete (leaving resonators) and clamp the flapper valve open, will also add a Range AFM delete. Has 30% tint now, will eventually do 15% this summer. Will post more pics as I make progress.
  10. Installed a 3" Motofab level on my 2016 Silverado Z71 last weekend. Rear is stock. Wheels are 20x12 -44 offset and tires are 33x12.5. Took some plastic and metal trimming, no rub at full turn. Before and after pics below. Smoking my turn signals and corner markers this weekend.. will probably vinyl wrap the chrome bumper mustache too.
  11. Will trade straight across if you pay shipping. PM if interested.

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