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  1. FHLH's 2016 Silverado CC LTZ Z71

    I love the ride. It is a firmer ride, but much less jarring than the Ranchos (my had 27k on them). The truck no longer nose dives under heavy breaking and the sway is much more controlled. I purchased them onlne through 4wheelparts and had them shipped to a local 4WP and had them installed along with alignment. Could not be happier. Next is dropping the 20's for an 18" wheel and tire combo.
  2. FHLH's 2016 Silverado CC LTZ Z71

    Just finished another mod with af Bilstien 5100 install! Very Happy with the ride and the level. Next Mod will most likely be the removal of the diving planks that are hanging on the sides of the truck. Wheels and Tires too!
  3. here you go https://www.crutchfield.com/p_500I209GM/Alpine-i209-GM-In-Dash-Restyle-System.html?tp=49934 Honestly the best and only option. As for the topic at hand. I'd look at a DSP processor that can take the factory headunit and process it properly to an amp(s) then process the proper signal to the individual speaker locations. I think the JL Fix86 and a processor/amp could do the trick.
  4. FHLH's 2016 Silverado CC LTZ Z71

    Next... the all-important Cold Air Intake. Well, kind of. I decided the AirRaid Jr. Kit (dry filter) would work perfectly for me (thanks to reading this board). I really like the growl this created more than anything... Before and After Shots
  5. FHLH's 2016 Silverado CC LTZ Z71

    FIrst and most important Mod --- added a strip of thin foam on steering column under the key cylinder to prevent the keys and fob from making noise while banging against the column.... This was done mainly for sanity reasons... Why no true "keyless go" is beyond me, even cheap Ram Trucks have it.
  6. Here's my new to me CPO 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.3/8spd LTZ w/ LTZ Plus Package and Z71 Package. Silver Ice on Jet Black Here are pics the day I picked it up from Lone Star Chevrolet in Houston TX on Feb 28. Mods are going to be the usual and will be listed below Thanks for looking!
  7. Here's a shot of my new to me 2016 LTZ+ Z71 2lz. Stock for now, but I'm really enjoying this pickup.
  8. Hello all, I consider myself a supernewb as this is my first GM product in over 25 years. Just traded in my trusty 2nd gen 4x4 Dodge Cummins for a new to me CPO 2016 Silverado 5.3l z71 LTZ w/ Plus package. I can't believe I left the Ram camp, but this truck really impressed me on the test drives... Anyway, I hope to learn as much about these vehicles as possible via the forums and looking forward to discussions to be had. And now for the obligatory here are my planned mods list. and in no particular order lose the rake. size up on tires, perhaps move to a black OEM wheel to lessen the chrome affect. roller locking bed cover amp power steps to replace the factory steps and perhaps as decent subwoofer. attached some pics.. "out with the old, in with the new."
  9. RPO codes/build sheets

    I just had a chat over at my.cheverolet and they were able to list the build sheet on my 2016.

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