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  1. Just installed my 2018 charging module and wiring harness furnished by pgamboa. Thanks to everyone for pointing me to this solution. The charger works on my iPhone X like a champ even with the Otter Box Defender.
  2. My wife's 2016 Equinox LTZ V6 had a major electronic failure. All the sound quit working, including the radio, lane change warning, collision avoidance alarm, and turn signals. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Thanks for the help in advance
  3. Auto seat recall

    I experienced the same issue. There is another setting button next to 1,2, and set. That is the setting for the seat return when you shut off the engine and open the door. I set mine the same as my seat setting. That way the seat is set for me when I enter the truck, and the seat goes back so my wife can easily exit after driving.
  4. If your LTZ has self leveler air shocks in the rear, you may have a ruptured bag or bad compressor. Good luck.
  5. FYI, I just had my condenser replaced in my 2017 Yukon Denali. They are still out of stock. After waiting 2 weeks they replaced the condenser with an aftermarket unit that is NOT a GM part. I had to sign a form acknowledging the non-GM part. Good luck fellas.
  6. Try calling the customer service assist number (800) 462-8782. I've had really good luck with those folks. They try hard to help resolve issues.
  7. I just bought a "17 GMC Denali. So far it is quiet, powerful, and overall a nice ride
  8. My friend has been shopping for a new 2016 Silvy 4x4 LTZ/Z71. The dealer told him that GM has been experiencing a shortage of 2016 dashboards. There is an order cutoff sometime in June that Silverados and Sierras will have 2015 dashboards. As a consolation prize, the customer gets $200. Is that BS or has anyone heard of that. Thanks
  9. Driver door power locks

    My locks crapped out on my Honda CRV. The driver's door is the "Master" door lock on the Honda. When it fails, the system has all sorts of problems. Perhaps it's the same on your Jimmy.
  10. Engine information on new vehicle

    Assuming I drive that many miles in three years. My Denali is 3 years old and has just over 22k. Also, do you really want a dealer mechanic to disassemble your $35k car? You're asking for nothing but rattles and future trouble IMHO.
  11. Engine information on new vehicle

    You may want to read up on the EQ's reviews. Consumer Reports thinks the 4 cyl engine is underpowered as does other reviews I've read. They also remark that the car is stale and needs a redesign. I was seriously considering buying a Equinox LTZ with a V6. Then I visited my dealer to have my Denali serviced. I asked the service writer about them. He said they are nice. When asked about trouble potential, he told me they frequently develop an oil leak in the timing cover seal at around 27k miles. In order to change the seal, the entire front subframe has to be dropped. I don't drive many miles since I'm retired. That would mean that it would be past the warranty period for me besides the fact that I wouldn't want that much work done to a relatively new car. Moreover, GM is anticipating a major body style change soon.
  12. Brand new Silverado shifting bad

    I own a 2011 Denali with the same transmission. It is not crisp as it runs through the gears, but it doesn't hunt like you describe. X2 for driving another new one or try a different dealer. GMC or Chev dealers work on any GM car for the most part. I'm sure there are exceptions. My local GMC dealer sux, so the Chev dealer has been taking care of my for the past few years. I know how frustrating a lousy trans can be. I went through that with a POS Lexus ES 300, the last Toyota/Lexus I will ever own. Good luck
  13. Carder, fixed my fat finger mistake. I was looking at it so I could tow it behind my motor home. It's easier to tow than a full sized truck. Thanks
  14. Hello everyone I found a very low mileage 2012 crew cab Z71 4x4 Colorado with the 53L. I'm curious as to other's opinion of the truck. I owned a 2005 Canyon crew cab 4x4 5 cyl. I was not happy with the truck at all. I had acute a/c trouble from when it was new and it seemed to lack quality. I'm a little gun shy about this one. Can anyone tell me how they find their Colorado/Canyon V8? Thanks Jerry

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