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    2014 Silverado 4WD LTZ 6.2l Max Tow, 2006 Silverado 4WD Z71 LT3 5.3 L33
  1. No there are no real concerns with the 6.2 that im aware of, its just as reliable as any GM v8. I doubt you will find too many ecotech 3's at all with 200k plus, they are too new. Reality is 5.3 or 6.2 should be about the same reliability wise since they are built on a common platform. I have 65k on my 6.2 and its been soild and if i were in the market for a new truck it would have another 6.2 in it. I don't think i could go back to a 5.3 after being spoiled by the power the 6.2 has. I have had mine since new and like my last truck plan on keeping at at least 10 years and i have no doubts that i will. As far as towing goes the 6.2 with the NHT package is an absolute animal. for towing with a half ton is really does not get much better. I tow a 5000# boat and have towed over 10000 quite a few times and never wanted for power. Yea it is, my truck is a beast. literally has sports car acceleration in a full size truck.
  2. Yes, in 2014 the 6.2 with the NHT and 4wd was a rare cat indeed. I had to order mine, there were none anywhere in the country when i bought mine regardless of color. My dealer searched everywhere and GM told him they had none in the pipeline that were being built that way. I looked it up on NADA guides and they show if optioned up like mine is. A CC 4wd, NNT, 6.2 sunroof, nav, side steps etc the retail would be ~36k. Take that for what it is but i would think the price asked for that truck is pretty good if its in good shape. #elKrusto, in 2014 the NHT included a 3.73 gear not 3.42.
  3. I have a 2014 with a 6.2 with ~65k on it. The only problems i have had to date were a bad injector and a busted exhaust valve spring. The injector i guess had a TSB on it and they replaced all 8. The truck ran fine it just had a mil light on that had to do with cold start and it happened not too long after i bought it. The valve spring i think was just bad luck vs a systemic issue with the 6.2. They fixed that over 40k ago and its been fine since. Overall in my opinion its as solid as any other motor GM makes and i would not hesitate to buy another.
  4. Quick update, I ordered a Diablo Intune 3 and applied a tune to the truck. I used the standard diablo 93 octane tune, transmission firm programming and shut off afm. I left the upshift torque control alone. It’s like driving a different truck now, all and I mean all of the drivability issues are gone. No more clunky slow shifting transmission and no more afm stumble. The truck drives like it should wether I’m taking it easy around town, cruising on the freeway or mashing the gas. I did lose a couple things of mpg but it’s worth it, the 6.2 is thirsty anyway so a couple tenths is no biggie. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. My truck did this from day 1 until i tuned it. I went with a standard Diablo tune with the firm shift option and it no longer clunks.
  6. Really? I don't recall ever hearing that, i know a lot of guys that swear by the Amsoil 2 stroke oil, myself included. The HP injector oil (now called hp marine) has been around a long time and i have never heard of it gelling on anyone. I personally have been running it in my outboards for like 17 years now on my bass boats without issue, literally i have used over 100 gallons of this stuff over the years. My old 150 Merc EFI had over 3000 high RPM hours on it running that oil with no carbon buildup and no issues. My current boat with a Merc Pro XS optimax has over 1000 hours on it and same deal. Runs perfect with no issues. I also used to run a different amsoil 2 cycle called sabre outboard in my old Johnson ficht motor that blew powerheads like crazy back in the late 90's. Those motors were pretty much the demise of OMC because of the issues they had. Running factory OMC oil they would carbon up like crazy and ultimately jack the rings and blow, often in 10 hours or less of run time. I popped 3 powerheads in one fishing season before i switched to the Amsoil, The carbon problems went away with the Amsoil and i ran two seasons problem free on that motor before i dumped it for a Merc.
  7. I have had WT's in my last 3 trucks and i have never had a problem getting them clean and looking new again. simple green and a scrub brush is my method.
  8. My 6.2 broke a valve spring on #7, valve was fine.. It ran but ran horribly, was down on power, shifted horribly and the dash lit up like a pinball machine. When it happened i literally had just pulled out of my driveway. Happened with ~25k on the clock, i have 60k now and no other problems since it was fixed.
  9. My truck will kick in the auto grade braking on big hills when i have trailers in tow but never on small hills or flat ground. I dont manually downshift it either, i should not have to.
  10. The TPS has been checked and shown to be good, it has done this since the day i bought the truck so its not a new thing. Like i said this particular thing only happens when i get off the throttle suddenly at the exact same time as it is upshifting. Otherwise it does not hesitate for 3 seconds like this. I still have other gripes with the transmission like harsh shifts and sometimes it hunts for the right gear. I think its programmed poorly, my dealers transmission guy thinks the same and off the record he has suggested a tune to try to fix it since GM wont. I have not tried a tune yet but its in the near term plans.
  11. FWIW i had to put brakes on both ends of mine at 50k. On the front the rotors were warped for sure. Massive braking shudder at almost any speed. I tow a lot and one of my trailers has no brakes so i'm not entirely shocked. Yes, the wheels were properly torqued and also balanced.... I'm actually happy with 50k since my old 06 went half of that on the front and the rotors were warped to the point i could no longer take it. On the rear the pads were smoked almost to the wear bars, i attribute that to the 6.2L wanting to spin the tires constantly and the TC working overtime to contain it. These were the shortest lived rear brakes i have ever had by a lot. My old 06 still had plenty left on the shoes in the rear when i gave it to my nephew, it has 10k on it now and they are still good( they are adjusted and working too). I ended up replacing both ends with EBC parts. I went with the orange pads on the front and yellow rear. Rotors are the dimpled and slotted ones. With this setup the braking is massively improved over stock. I get a lot more bite and feel at the pedal and i can really tell the difference with a trailer in tow.
  12. My local dealer (Imperial Cars in Mendon MA) owns their own rental car company and have always offered me loaners if they are keeping it overnight without me even having to ask. My 2014 has had 2 overnight stays, one for the headliner that needed to be replaced when the roof mounted tail light leaked and once when it had a busted valve spring which sent the entire truck into panic mode. The first time i declined the loaner since it was summer and i just used my motorcycle. The second time i did take the loaner since it was winter and they gave me a fully loaded equinox v6 which was a fine loaner to drive for two days, i treated it like i would my own and made sure to let the service guys know that i appreciated the loaner.
  13. Strange, everyone i know that owns one hates it for the same reasons i do. one of my best friends just got a 2017 with the 5.3 and 6 speed and already wishes he had his old 08 4 speed back. I had one of the issues on Sunday that i don't experience very often. Coming home from Maine rolling in bumper to bumper someone cut in front of me and i had to slam on the brakes at the same time as it was shifting. Once i got off the brakes and on the acceleration voting device(aka gas pedal) the truck just sat there for ~3 seconds before it decided to accept my vote and accelerate. My truck has done this under these exact conditions since it was brand new, many complaints to my dealer, some re-flashes and learning resets have done nothing. The only cure i have found is locking it into 1st when im rolling in bumper to bumper which is crazy in my opinion. My 06 4 speed never did this .....
  14. Anybody else park their truck?

    I do a little bit, For any thing where i don't have to have the truck i ride one of my motorcycles. For around town stuff my little 200cc yamaha is perfect. its a little pack mule and gets 65mpg+ in the city. For longer freeway trips my Ducati gets the nod. Between the two bikes its ~8-10k a year not on the truck.
  15. Thanks for the input. The truck in question is a 4wd Z71. The plan is to fix the truck and put it back in my stable mostly as a worker but as a driver as well. Like i said before, i actually like this truck better than my 2014 so it will get some miles for sure. So quick update on it, i got it back on Thursday and i don't think there is anything actually wrong with the motor internally. It starts and runs, makes no odd noises and oil pressure is fine. I have no idea how this shop got the point of condemning the motor but i'm not shocked since they also told my sister that the y pipe needed to be changed because the cats were clogged causing the p0050 code in the computer. I think these guys are totally clueless. There is an issue going on that i do need to pinpoint and its strange. Like i said the truck fires right up and runs fine, no mil light since i fixed the sensor, power is all there etc etc. It also appears to drive normal, until it doesn't. The motor just suddenly stops running with no warning. It seems electrical to me since its so sudden. You just drive along and poof it stops running. Popping it into neutral and a quick stab at the starter its running again and off you go. I'm wondering if its a cam or crank sensor issue? The shop they brought it to said the cam was toast, but the symptoms don't line up with that. They also never looked inside the motor so i'm not sure where that conclusion came from. So far all i have done was drop the oil, looked inside with my mini camera and also popped the valve covers to have a look. They claimed the motor was totally sludged up and not salvageable, the reality is the motor clean inside, very clean..... I also swapped the upstream sensor on the passenger side to fix the p0050 code.

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