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    2017 Silverado LT Z71 5.3 3.42 DC
  1. I sort of figured as much. Guess maybe I can try to wear the switch out instead of the ballasts. Thanks
  2. Maybe silly question here. I park in a garage at home. It takes me just long enough to park that the headlights come on in place of the DRLs (garage is dark) before I am stopped and shut the truck off. With the HID bulbs in my LT is this going to cause a problem with the bulbs or ballasts? It isn't like I am doing this multiple times per day or something, but it catches my eye that the headlights click on, initially looking very bright against the wall, and then dimming down after a second. Not familiar with the lifespan or number of cycles these things made to handle. thanks
  3. Hmmmm..... My 2017 Z71 came with Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude tires and there was a $200 charge on the sticker for white letters. I have the 18" wheels.
  4. ^^^ I use BatteryMInders as well, multiple boat batteries, RV, tractor, mowers..... Have only had to replace two batteries in ten years since moving here I believe it works and increases battery longevity.
  5. Update. This is what I have found. Steering wheel volume controls and volume knob will adjust Siri/map direction volume. The red I was seeing is some kind of minimum that the volume controls will not go below. I can set different radio and Siri/map volumes. I just cannot go below this minimum volume. Phone controls don't seem to affect volume during carplay use. I also played around with the volume settings in the map app and they do not seem to affect the volume or this minimum volume when using carplay. My Malibu does in fact operate the same way. For some reason this minimum setting in the Malibu is lower to my ears and I guess I have been making any adjustments above it. The volume does adjust and I never noticed the minimum because I was using settings above it. The Silverado minimum is louder to my ears and I was attempting to use settings below it and did not get anywhere. This is all I could figure out. If anyone knows a way to lower this minimum, red bar Siri/map volume I would love to try it.
  6. I will probably mention this to dealer next time in, but looking for any insight. When using Apple Carplay (iPhone SE) in my 2017 LT I am not able to adjust the volume for the map directions, phone call audio, etc. with either the steering wheel controls or the head unit knob. When I attempt to change the volume during a call or during directions the 'volume bar' appears in red, but the volume doesn't change. Also, if the radio audio is off, it comes on. It doesn't appear to me that anything else is happening. This is not how it works in my '16 Malibu. I can set separate volumes for audio, calls, map directions. It is a little more upscale than the LT, but it seems to me the truck should act the same. Any insight?? Thank you
  7. I am not really worried about it. I was used to it in my 2012. I just thought it curious I hadn't noticed I,t in two months and 2k miles, until today and then today it stayed low nearly all the time.
  8. Just went over 2250 miles on the 2017 LT doing some errands today. I was used to seeing the charging voltage vary on my 2012. Not sure what the parameters were, but it varied with charge-discharge and temperature. I had noted to myself that the 2017 didn't seem to do that. I don't recall ever seeing the volt gauge drop more than a needle width below 14, until today. Today I noticed it running well below 14, closer to the low end of the normal band most of the day. It would run over 14 immediately after start, but quickly dropped. Not worried, just curious why I didn't see this on the new truck until now. Don't think I changed anything. Same trips I commonly make. Weather was nothing different to speak of. Any thoughts!
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I am not maxing out any of the capabilities so it looks like my initial thinking was in the ballpark for most of the opinions. A little extra psi in the rear might be OK, but not necessarily needed. I thought CDNSS's comments/experience were very interesting. When I actually get to tow I will monitor the tire temps, (along with the trailer brake and tire temps). If a 3 or 4psi extra lowers the temps I will probably run that. Can't imagine running more than 5 psi over the door sticker for my situation. Thanks all.
  10. Hello all Just got a new travel trailer and will start towing this spring. My question is about tire pressure for the Silverado when towing. I will have close to 600lbs tongue weight, very little if any bed weight, and a good WD/Sway control hitch. Truck is stock as far as suspension and tires. Have the 265/65R18 Goodyear Fortitude on the Z71. Sticker says 35psi. I usually run 33 in the rear because I am usually empty or close to empty. Max pressure on the sidewall is 51. Manual says 35 is the minimum for the load truck is designed to carry. I will be significantly below GCWR and GVWR, but significant none the less towing about 5k. I am leaning to starting out with something in the 35-40 psi range in the rears, but wanted to see if there was any kind of consensus on something different. Looking for it all, most stable ride and tire life. Thanks
  11. I just use a NanoVault 300 under the passenger seat attached to seat frame with the included cable. Out of site, I can reach from drivers seat, no key and I can take it out into a hotel room or airplane (TSA approved) if needed. It is a deterrent, not a full blown secure safe, but works for my needs if I end up somewhere I cant carry. It is small enough to fit in console if you wanted to secure in there some way. Good luck
  12. Wanted to post about another successful tow mirror upgrade with pgamboas harnesses and mods to the 1AAuto tow mirrors. I know this thread is full of success stories, but I need to point out how much pgamboa went above and beyond for my install. Issues with the mirrors, that had nothing to do with his mods or my install, but he took it upon himself to get them all resolved. It took three sets, but eventually everything was taken care of and I have the mirrors and functions I wanted. I would have quit and gone a different route much sooner than pgmboa. He really stuck with it and got me all fixed up. Kudos and thanks.
  13. Were you using cruise control? It could have been the grade braking (engine braking) that the truck uses to attempt to maintain speed, not go too fast, on the down hills. It doesn't do this, or at least not to the same extent, when not in tow/haul. It will just let the truck go over the set speed.
  14. Thanks all. After being ready to listen to it when I opened the door this morning I do believe the buzzing I am hearing is the fuel pump. Only does it after sitting overnight. I will take it as nothing to worry about albeit a tad annoying.
  15. Hello all, Just picked up the new truck Monday so I don't have a lot of experience to explain what is happening. Each morning, two so far, when I opened the driver's door the first time of the day I heard a very audible 'buzz' that lasted about 1-1.5 seconds. It happens quick and unexpected, so far, so I haven't been able to place the source much. It is probably coming from outside the cab though. It is very audible. I thought maybe something with the EVAP or purge, but it happens when I open the door, not at key on or startup. Curious as much as worried. Any ideas? I park in a locked garage with the truck unlocked if that makes any difference. Has only happened after truck sits over night. Thanks On an unrelated note. Where is the external/aux transmission cooler on this model? My 2012 it was right behind the grill and very visible. Haven't found it on this 2017 yet. And yes I should have it and do have KNP code.

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