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  1. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    Heres mine with new rims. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  2. I would open a case with customer service at GM and the stealership. Let them know how you feel and that they lost a long time loyal customer,
  3. Hey we still have it and it has been good to us. For an 09 still has relatively low miles. Ibthink we are in the 80,000 somewhere.
  4. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    Oops this is actually a 1993 but I had a 1990 years ago. Still pretty freak'n for a 22 year old truck.
  5. Post Pictures Of Your Trucks

    I bought a 1990 back in 1991 and loved it. I drove it 10 years. Well when this beauty came up and had to have ti. My twin boys will be driving soon so I just call it theirs. Came with a nice plow for me to do the drive with as well. Not just a Plow but a brand new Boss. This truck is so clean I don't really even drive it much in the winter but to plow my own drive. I've only had it a few weeks.
  6. Lets See Some Towing Pics!

    Brake controller aught to be pretty simple on that rig. I just installed a Tekonshaw P3 on my 09 Suburban in about 10 minutes time while I was out in Wyoming. I do sell them if your interested. gobigparts.com
  7. Lets See Some Towing Pics!

    Here is my old rig pulling my new 27' (inside) snowmobile trailer. And here is my new rig pulling my new snowmobile trailer.
  8. The 5.3L does a fine job pulling my 27' (inside) inline Vnose trailer with four mountian sleds and all of our gear.
  9. I just bought a used 09 Suburban LT with the 5.3L. Seems the new 5.3L does a better job than my 99 with the 5.7L. I would have liked to have got the 6.0 or 6.2L though because I tow a bigger trailer. Not sure I wanted to move to a 3/4 ton for as often as I tow (very little compared to everything else). Here is the question everyone asks. Why no duramax/Allison in the 3/4 ton suburban? I bet if they made one they would sell a lot. For my family and our weekend trips up to our cabin the suburban is just the best all around vehicle.
  10. 10 years of new technology sure does make a change. I remember when I got my 1999 GMT800 my dad was still driving his 86 R10 Silverado.... He jumped in with me and we went on a trip about 400miles one way. About half way down he laughed and said. [email protected]* this thing rides like your grandparents Lincoln.... I laughed and smiled real big.... His 86 road aight with several hundred extra pounds in the the bed. Jbo Yeah, there is no feeling like getting something new or almost new. Especially after having your old one for 10 years. Its a feeling of happyness and sadness. Your excited about the new vehicle but also sad that you went back in debt again. I have had several trucks. But I did drive my 1990 Z71 Short box 4x4 for 10 years before buying the Suburban. I bought the 99 Suburban in 2000. I drove it for a couple of years then my wife was involved in an accident which totaled her S Blazer. So seeing how we had kids and she really liked the space the Suburban offered I handed that over to her. With the insurance money we got for the Blazer I went out and Bought a 99 Silverado ext cab. That was a really nice truck. I drove it for several years when my father in-law passed. My mother in-law wanted me to have his truck which was almost new. So I sold my high milage Silverado and started Driving his Dakota. It is not a chevy but it gets me back and forth to work and has so many less miles and is fairly new. The 09 Suburban is just an amazing truck. My wife loves her new ride.
  11. Just purchased an 09 Suburban LT with DVD. Anything I should know about these? Problems? I was on a snowmobile trip to Wyoming dragging my 27' inline trailer with our 99 suburban when tick tick tick tick out of the motor. All the way the other side of Nebraska from Michigan. Seems to be a rod bearing or something let go. Still runs but knocking pretty good. Had some friends in Wyoming come get us. Next day I bought an 09 Suburban in Larmie Wyoming to get us back. I still have the 99 out in NE but need to sell it or get it back. 151,000 miles on the ticker but almost all other parts have been replaced over the last 2 years including tires. Let me know if anyone is interested in the 99 1500 LT for cheap. I may have it hauled home an drop a remanufactured motor in it to sell it and recoup some costs. Back to the 09. Boy do these drive like a dream.

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