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  1. I think they were actually out a year earlier in 07.
  2. Completely agree with all of these things. Especially more room in the cab and the 36g fuel tank.
  3. I really like the phone integration and heated and cooled seats. Park assist I don't need but I don't care, either. Agree with better suspension, higher sitting, better looking wheels, and better stereos on lower end models. There's no reason that the touchscreen on a entry level $25k truck should be less capable than a $200 smartphone.
  4. In general the discounts on Tahoe/Yukons are never quite as good as the pickups. In my experience the best time to make deals on them is as the next year's models start showing up. So if they've got some 2018s on the lot and a handful of 2017s to get rid of, that's the right time. The only time I've seen better deals is when they do a significant body change. In 2015 when they launched the current version Tahoe/Yukon a neighbor bought a fully loaded 2014 Denali XL (one of the last three on the lot) for like $51k (sticker was almost $70k).
  5. My wifes suburban 1500 has about 125k Miles on the original shocks and struts. They arent leaking or anything but they definitely feel less robust during driving. Anybody have any suggestions? Ive heard people recommend Bilstein, any specific models to look out for? Or to avoid? Thanks.
  6. 6.2L

    Holy shit this thread turned into garbage quickly. I've had three different trucks/SUVs with the 5.3L (07 Sierra, 07 Tahoe, 10 Suburban) and one with the 6.2L, the 6.2L is worlds faster. That may not matter to you. That's fine. I definitely would have said nothing negative about the 5.3L - it's a great motor and has plenty of power to spare. But the difference as a daily driver is pretty significant. My 07 CCSB 2wd Sierra SLT (4spd) was great, but the 14 CCSB 4x4 Silverado HC (6spd) is hilariously powerful in comparison. Roughly the same weight, the same dimensions - slightly different gearing but the biggest difference is the ~100 extra horsepower and torque. And real-world MPG is only about 1mpg worse on the 6.2L. If they offered that 6.2L in the LT packages for a $1k upgrade people would be buying it all day long. I'm secretly hoping they dump it in a RCSB 2wd to make a race truck.
  7. Like everyone else, 14-15 city (stop and go traffic, stoplights, etc) and 20-21 on long trips. Love this motor.
  8. Now that I have the 6.2L I don't know how I could ever go back. So spoiled. Love the blue color with the cocoa dune interior. post some pics when you get a chance!
  9. Utilitarian is one thing. Just plain boring and cheap feeling was another. I was so disappointed. I only owned it for 7 months. And it was nicely equipped, too. Leather and everything. Crappy stereo, crappy seats, crappy interior plastics, crappy glass on the windshield that was loud as hell (apparently they improved this in the 2017 versions), etc. The CVT in my 2.5 was kinda blah, and the engine was tolerable but not exciting. Even the test drive of the XT with the turbo was kinda borderline. I'm sure the car is reliable and efficient - it'll get 20-30mpg all day long and do 300,000 miles if it's treated right. Tires and maintenance will be cheap. But man, I couldn't wait to get back into a full sized truck. I have gone from: 1989 Dodge Ramcharger 4x4 (318) 1987 Dodge Ramcharger 4x4 (360) 2000 Dodge Durango 4x4 (4.7L) 2006 Silverado Crew Cab LS (4.8L) 2007 Sierra Crew Cab SLE (5.3L) 2007 Tahoe LTZ (5.3L) 2016 Forester (2.5L) 2014 Silverado High Country 4x4 (6.2L) So maybe my expectations are a bit wonky, as I don't really like "car" based vehicles. I prefer the truck ride height and stiffness. Right now, my current truck has one major problem - the 6.2L has basically ruined me for driving my wife's 5.3L Suburban.
  10. As a note, I owned a Forester for a while. Similar to a Crosstrek but with a larger body/bigger interior. I was not impressed with the overall feel of the vehicle. It felt kinda cheap and light. Noisy on the freeway, weirdly rough over bumps, things like that. Decent from a MPG perspective but nothing exciting at all to drive. Really, a quite boring vehicle.
  11. The 6.2 is amazing. I had a 5.3L Sierra, a 5.3L Tahoe, and my wife drives a 5.3L Suburban. I never thought I needed more since they all had plenty of power. This year I got the 6.2L and holy shit, the difference is amazing. It's so much more fun. So much more responsive and powerful. I don't even care about the Premium gas. Actually the only thing that I dislike about my truck is the small gas tank hahaha. I get about 15 in the city and 20-21 on the freeway.
  12. Yeah, car stereo MSRP is hilariously overblown due to big box stores requiring comic margins. Best Buy, etc, need ~50%+ margin so they need to price it at $4,000. They probably sell it into them for about $2,000 or so. Meanwhile they sell it to distributors for $2,000, distributor adds another hundred or so, resells at $2,150 and then local car audio shop gets a handful. Sticker prices them at $2,999 ($1000 SAVINGS!) and will haggle down to $2500 or so plus, of course, the cost of installation and the accessory cables. They're willing to make 10% margin on the stereo as long as they keep making 80% margin on USB cables and XM Radio antennas and whatever else. SIDENOTE: for those thinking about this unit, be aware it has one (!) USB port - and isn't compatible with the USB hub that's built into your truck. So the two USB ports in the center console storage and the three in the front dash won't work right with it.
  13. GM Service Department near me says that the 2014/15 models have a TEC in them for actual cooled seats. In 2016+ they moved to "ventilated" seats where they just recirculate air.
  14. That typeface for Z92 is awful. The truck looks fine, but man they really screwed up that logo.
  15. Do you have a source on that? I was under the impression they used a Peltier-effect device (Thermo-Electric Cooling), which is why the back vents are there, to exhaust the warmer air when enabled. EDIT - I can tell you for certain that when you hit the Cooled Seats button on my 2014, the air being circulated around your back and butt is way cooler than the rest of the air in the car. So it's being actively cooled somehow. I remember seeing the TEC method being discussed before.

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