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  1. I had similar issues with my 2015 Tahoe and they could never figure it out after multiple attempts. I documented everything and ended up doing a Lemon Law case in Florida which I won.
  2. Good to hear and good luck. I won my case in Florida and it was well worth the time and energy. Documentation is very important. No one needs to be bullied by the GM giant.
  3. Try another attorney. What state are you in. Have you looked at the Lemon Law for your state to see if you qualify. Do you have an Attorney Generals office in your state that you can contact. In Florida they have one and they over see the lemon Law. No one said it would be easy but I would look at all my options before I would throw in the towel based on what one attorney told you.
  4. Whatever you decide to buy make sure you take it for a good test drive. As you see others like the MRC ride and when I had my 15 LTZ before the 17 I had no problem with the ride. A lot of it is personal preference. Good luck with your decision.
  5. Also it is a factory part with factory warranty and if anything goes wrong its on there dime and no crap about an aftermarket part which is worth every penny.
  6. I just read a "throttle response" post and said to put it in M5 to keep it out of v4 unless your tune won't allow it.
  7. I thought I read you can use towing mode and it will put the truck in D5 and keep it out of v4. You could probably Google search or someone on here may know. Don't know if this would help with your diagnosis or not.
  8. Pretty sure the owners manual will say take it to the Dealer immediately.
  9. It is best to contact a Lemon Law attorney in your area and in most states no out of pocket expense for attorneys fees. That is covered as part of the settlement. Good luck.
  10. For those that are unhappy with their trucks and are having problems that can't be fixed why don't you Lemon Law the truck. Just check the Lemon Law in your state and hire a Lemon Law attorney in your area(Google search) that will be paid as part of the Lemon Law settlement. No out of pocket expense. Why would you put up with a truck with all these issues and a Dealer not able or willing to fix them and then take a hit when you trade them. Makes no sense when there is a way out.
  11. Olds442, don't put up with that crap. Check the Lemon Law in your State and contact a Lemon Law attorney in your area(Google search). Document everything. Most Lemon Law attorneys will take these cases with no out of pocket expense to you. They get paid as part of the Lemon Law settlement. Every manufacturer produces problem vehicles but they need to realize it is not our responsibility to repair or put up with the problems, it is theirs to repair or replace. Good luck.
  12. If you have the before alignment report and after alignment report I would take it back to the alignment shop and let them know what it is doing or take it take a shop that specializes in alignments(maybe a shop that does lifts on trucks). Good luck.

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