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  1. Maybe reach out to pgamboa that does all the electronic upgrades on these trucks and maybe he would have an idea on how to do a repair. He has many posts on here and would be easy to find.
  2. New truck. Take it to the Dealer and have them fix it. It may need a new radio.
  3. Passenger side fuse panel. #27 I believe a 15amp fuse. This was from a google search. Worth a shot. Others stated the Dealer had to replace the USB port.
  4. have the wheels and tires Road Force Balanced. This will let you know if you have an out of round wheel or tire that is not within specs. Happens even with brand new tires.
  5. Its really up to the GM at the Dealer you purchased the vehicle from. If not you will need to get it fixed under warranty.
  6. Tell your wife to take it back for you and demand it be fixed. Worked for her. LOL.
  7. Can't you take it back to the Dealer that installed them.
  8. BeardedRat, file the Lemon Law. Check the Lemon Law in your state and Google for a Lemon law attorney in your area. Keep all your documentation and document your conversations. in most states the Lemon Law attorney gets paid as part of the Lemon Law settlement so you don't have any out of pocket expense for an attorney to take your case. No reason to pay that much money for a new truck and not be happy with your purchase. Gm is not your friend and they will fight you all the way. Good luck.
  9. It may be 2 seperate issues. I would fix the ribbon first as it is an easy inexpensive fix. Follow the pictures in this thread and take your time. I would also do a Google search for how to release a stuck DVD. Good luck.
  10. Did you buy the truck as a CPO from a GM dealer. If so then the Dealer has to provide 2 OEM FOBs programmed to your vehicle. From 2015+ I don't believe the key FOB has 1 or 2 on the FOB at least my Tahoe does not. Maybe there were no FOBs and they programmed the wrong FOB. Driver 1 and Driver 2 should be programmed with the 1 and 2 on the drivers door lower front door panel. Set one FOB(seat position and mirror) with the door 1 button, remove that FOB from the truck and then do second FOB with the door 2 button. Also look at the owners manual for that procedure. If you do not have one you can download one or buy one from Ebay. Good. luck.
  11. You should have looked at the Lemon Law in your state and hired a Lemon Law attorney in your area who gets paid as part of the settlement with no out of pocket expense to you in most states. That"s what I had to do with my 2015 Tahoe and got all my money back plus the GM accessories that I had installed minus a small amount for mileage. The area GM rep tried to give me $2500.00 trade assistance, needless to say I declined.
  12. You did a great job and thanks for posting the pics. Wow what a difference. Congrats on having a limited amount of mechanical knowledge and tackling that repair by yourself and for being quite successful. Glad you didn't burn your house down and the part about getting your pants caught on the hood release was quite amusing. May have made a great video for " Americas funniest video".
  13. Checking the air pressure on a regular basis and checking the front end alignment is also crucial to longevity of the tire.

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