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  1. 67firebird455, did you see this from one of the post above yours.
  2. If you know anyone in the states have them go to their local GM dealer and do a national Dealer search for that part number.
  3. cxf20128, I thought the letter from GM said they would repair or reimburse. Are you saying they did not do that for you.
  4. Try to find one of the GM customer service reps that respond to post on this web site and maybe they would be willing to help. Also you could try going up the food chain to a higher level and let them know you are a loyal GM customer. The dealer can also "good will" part or all of the repair if you have a good relationship with them. Good luck.
  5. I would do a Google search for both as both have been discussed. Wireless charger has been done and I believe with pictures. The handsfree tailgate not too sure if it was successful or not and the function would have to be added to the computer of the vehicle. Good luck. WiFi was also added to the 2015.5 but not sure if you are interested in that. If so do a Google search on it as well as it has been discussed.
  6. Why not Lemon Law your current vehicle instead of taking a trade loss. Check the Lemon Law for your state and hire a Lemon Law attorney in your area who will get paid as part of the settlement, no up front money in most states.
  7. Start with the battery. If they have a low cell or dead cell they can do all kinds of weird things. At least you could rule it out. 6 years is a long time for a battery.
  8. Maybe you could find one at a salvage yard for a decent price.
  9. Battery drain maybe cluster

    You could check ebay for an instrument cluster. When I looked there was one with that part #. Not sure if that would fix your problem.
  10. Use this VIN 1GNSKBKCXHR210660 and have your Dealer parts department look it up.
  11. Use your states Lemon Law and a Lemon Law attorney who will get paid by GM once the case is settled. Google search lemon Law attorneys in your area or contact the attorney generals office in your state who can provide you with a list.
  12. Someone is doing a class action lawsuit with an attorney in reference to the ac issue. He was asking others to join him. You could try a search.
  13. GM 20inch chrome wheels part #

    Have you tried Ebay. Thats where I purchased mine from.

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