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  1. Looks good. Did you do anything to the rear?
  2. Nice and love the sound. What level kit did you go with and any issues with the stamped control arms?
  3. I have the same noise that is described. Thinking of upgrading cai and gm borla exhaust to cover it. It gets annoying in stop and go traffic.
  4. That explains the part number difference. I wonder what the reprogram does, a gm custom tune?
  5. I had the same intake for about a week and took it off for the same noise. Curious if that is the same for all cold air intakes.
  6. Resurrecting an old post but interested in either of these but can’t find any clips anywhere on them.
  7. Looks good. Looking to do same on my 17. Do you have a part number on the level kit you installed? Any issues with the lower control arms?
  8. Do you have any additional pics of the actually suspension and how it was installed. How was the install? And do you have any rubbing? Interested in the same setup for my truck.
  9. I had that exact same message a couple weeks ago. Made an appointment with service but service advisor said it may go away after a few hours. Sure enough it was gone in a few hours. He said he has seen this before and thought either gm pushed an update or the computer did a hard reset by it self. No problems since.
  10. I was just looking for that for my son. Where did you get that and how do you like?
  11. Is a build sheet the same info as the window sticker?
  12. I had the random dings today driving. Dis 3 or 4 random dings over about 30 seconds. On Friday I had my touchscreen gps go black and then get a balcony screen with yellow outline saying waiting for media update. Talked to dealer and they said it might be a push update gm sent out. It went away after about two hours but the random dings started.
  13. Do you have any more pics showing the full bar and the mounts?

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