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  1. DL3 Mirror Harnesses (L&R)

  2. DL3 Mirrors For Sale

    Good Price..... Not to hijack, but I have the associated pigtail wiring harness to go with these if anyone needs a package deal. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/195082-dl3-mirror-harnesses-l-r/?p=1918953
  3. DL3 Mirror Harnesses (L&R)

    Added updated photos and part numbers 52321577 (left) 23171579 (right)
  4. DL3 Mirror Harnesses (L&R)

    TTT Open to ANY offers!
  5. Seeing the exact same issue in nearly the exact same locations, south KC area. Called Sirius Radio a few weeks ago and they claimed they'd send out a radio refresh. Nothing changed.
  6. DL3 Mirror Harnesses (L&R)

    DL3 mirror harnesses. Should fit 2014 - 2016 GMC SLT. Removed from 2015 with only 5,000 miles. $100 shipped to lower US address. Mirrors in pics EXCLUDED. Harnesses (aka pigtails) only.
  7. WTB: DL3 Side Mirrors

    WANTED DL3 mirror set with chrome covers. Replacing same, so not sure if I need the harnesses or not. Maybe someone can enlighten me. Seems the ones that actually sell on here end up going for $300 to $350 shipped for a complete set with harnesses. Prefer under 10,000 miles at takeoff, the lower the better. Shipping to zip 66221 Let me know what you have.
  8. Please confirm that email address. Two attempts, delivery failure both times. Thanks!
  9. Stock ECM for GMC 2500HD 6.0L

    Unfortunately, no. Was able to sell it to Black Bear Performance
  10. FS : GMC OEM Floor Mats - Carpeted and All-Weather

    Bump.... anyone?
  11. FS : GMC OEM Floor Mats - Carpeted and All-Weather

    Bump.... Have no use for these anymore as I went with molded mats. Make offer on these and they'll be yours.
  12. Two front and rear set of mats from my 2014 GMC extended cab. Carpet mats used maybe 2 months then put in storage. Contoured all-weather mats used 15 months, will clean up nicely. Carpeted Mats - $60 plus shipping All-Weather Mats - $80 plus shipping Accepting PayPal F&F. Shipping from zip 66223
  13. Weathertech Floorliners Digitalfit - Front & Rear

    Sold. Thanks!!
  14. Weathertech Floorliners Digitalfit - Front & Rear

    PM's replied. Let me know!
  15. Weathertech Floorliners Digitalfit - Front & Rear

    Rear Passenger Driver.

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