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  1. Am not thinking the SUV's will get the redesign until the 2020 model year. This is the only thing I have seen & it is just a photo shopped pic on google images.
  2. Chevy Offering Huge Incentives On Malibu

    Yeah, they only sold 185,000 of them last year... http://gmauthority.com/blog/gm/chevrolet/malibu/chevrolet-malibu-sales-numbers/ That said, do wish they would put the V6 back in it.
  3. Thinking they are pointing to the averages compiled by consumer reports, JD Power or other research groups. In which case FCA usually finishes toward the bottom of reliability over the years. Regardless, any mfg can throw a few lemons in the mix. At which point, it comes down to how your dealer handles it. Silverado 1500 Reliability Is the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Reliable? The Silverado 1500 is one of the most reliable full-size pickup trucks you can buy. For 2017, the Silverado earns 4.5 out of five in J.D. Power's reliability study, outscoring the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500. https://cars.usnews.com/cars-trucks/chevrolet/silverado-1500/2017 Rams Super Bowl commercial was interesting at the very least. Small print about riding in the back of a truck at around the 27 second mark "Never ride in the bed of a truck unless you are an authentic Viking."
  4. From the exhaust, would assume that is a diesel & do not see the tank hanging down any where. If you blow up the photos, it looks like there is an inset mark under the camo.
  5. Just saw these posted elsewhere. This one is going to be massive! Can't wait to see it uncovered. Also hoping GM can convince their dealer network to take more of an interest in both selling & servicing HD/commercial markets.
  6. This! It has been years since I paid the subscription for 1 year. When I cancelled, they called for months. Calls came from a 256 area code at the time.
  7. Wait until that new e torque system gets factored in to resale, that should tank the last few remaining dollars it was worth. Ram is forcing the V6 buyers to take it & optional on the Hemi. From the video I watched, that e system is not something that can be deleted or unplugged as everything runs through it. Unsure how long that charge system will last that they put in to the back of the cab or the cost to replace out of warranty. It will be interesting for sure & something to learn. But have to think it will drag down resale.
  8. GM is attempting to own the New York auto show apparently? Speculated or rumored release of a Cadillac XT4 or small cuv. A refreshed Camaro & the Sierra all at the same show? NY auto show begins March 30th. https://www.autoshowny.com/ While speaking of Camaro. I understand seeking higher profits for any co. However one of the issues for Camaro is the higher msrp vs competition. Per the Sierra. Unless they are going to a much more upscale interior, panoramic roof or something crazy along those lines? Not sure how they can differentiate it much more than what we have already seen in the spy photos. Both trucks roll down the same assembly line & Chevrolet customers will be infuriated if they are limited to what the Sierra can be optioned with. So am kind of thinking we have seen the extent of how it can be differentiated already.
  9. So did you sleep last night at all? Or pace back & forth texting the transport truck? Looks like the weather should be good for the day vs how it has been. Good luck with the new car.
  10. Still remember the article of the new seats for the 2019's were something that was laid out in 2015/2016 time frame for the new suppliers to be ready. Not thinking there is a single tweak they could do to the Sierra & still go in production this year. Maybe the Sierra will be revealed next month in Chicago? Aside from Toyota making some sort of announcement about their trucks at that show, GMC would be considered a major reveal bringing a lot of press.
  11. You can wait for the 2020's & you'll always be able to say in hindsight... Am surprised few others have talked about or mentioned the centered steering wheel this round.
  12. Backup assist?

    Was assuming it was a selector for the 2wd/4wd systems. Cannot imagine they would put something as sensitive as park assist over top of drive systems.
  13. There are still a lot of unknown details about the Silverado. FCA dumped all they had on their new product, yet Chevrolet just hinted on what is to come. So would wait for the official announcement. Maybe they are waiting to release more details with GMC or do not want to kill the sales of the 2018's?
  14. In one of the recent articles, they stated that the upper A arms were moved higher (& maybe tweaked something else) to allow a shorter turning radius. I do not remember which article it was in, otherwise would link it.

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