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  1. I was wondering the same thing... would a 16 inch rim fit on a GMT900 or will it hit the calipers for sure?
  2. Engine Hours

    amazingly close, 7868mi, 276 hrs.
  3. only if you want it to work right.
  4. Mine beeps faster and faster the closer you get to the wall and then a steady beep when you are about 4 inches away.
  5. like many of us I had afm turned off through tuning on my last two gmt900 s.
  6. I think I remember that you have to do both front and rear diffs ??? 17 s ?
  7. I had an 07 4.8 for about 6 months and traded it in for an 07 V max. I couldn t stand it and it got no better fuel mileage either. Now I have a 5.3 2009 6 speed and love it. You have two options, 1/ trade it in 2/ you can try a custom tune and be sure not to run 20 inch or larger tires. I ve had every truck I ve owned have a custom in person PCM tune which helps alot. I didn t bother trying that with the 4.8 but it might be worth a try. I actually like the 5.3 with the 6 speed better than the 6.0 4 speed.
  8. maybe there is another explaination because that doesn t sound possible to me.
  9. It takes all kinds,,, what a country! whoo whoo. Mr Bubb could be our next President.
  10. I dont know about your brand garage door opener but mine is a fairly new one and you need to buy an additional tranmitter kit to have it work with the factory auto remote. I just use the old type transmitter button.
  11. Make sure the vent direction selection switch is centered on the direction desired. Then move it from one direction to another and back to the top. See if that sets anything different. I had a similar noise and it appeared the the vent direction was not fully set causing my noise. Only happened once to me.
  12. I dont know if I ve said this before, my 07 GMT900 6.0 engine was a little noisy on cold startups and my 09 5.3 is super quiet. Neither used oil. My 5.3 is worrying me less than the 6.0 did.
  13. can someone post a pic or better description of the location.
  14. check the overflow tank on the passegers side. i had to put a piece of foam between the fender and tank to stop my 07 from rattling. If you turned off the AFM would the oil useage stop with the guys having these issues??? Don t know? It might not help.
  15. Got scared and went and checked mine. 3K miles and full. My NBS 07 never used any either. I have AFM turned off. Doesn t sound like it s a common issue to me.

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