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  1. I tried looking this up but from what I can tell it hasn't come up. I was wondering if Intellibeam could be added to a 2016 Silverado after the fact. For the bonus feature maybe even the lane departure warning (most likely without the auto-jerk back into your lane). I was thinking that it could possibly be plug and play with a need flash.
  2. Like the title says. Does anyone know? Or did I get ahead of myself and it's a setting in the menu and I flip the switch and it's all good?
  3. There is absolutely no way this would happen in 5 years. Just not going to happen. Unless you're " baller " status, good luck. Nobody is going to buy their 16 year old kid a new electric car. You're not going to take a road trip in a electric car. They cannot even build the infrastructure to make this happen. Look at any downtown area. Most apartments do not have enough parking spaces for all the tenants cars now. Where are people going to charge their cars overnight? Once you put your real working world thinking caps on you realize how fast this thing falls apart.
  4. If the lids are like the silverados, you can rotate the mat 180 degrees and widen your trim to allow the phone to sit freely on the rubber lip. I don't have an iphone but it works flawlessly with my Note 8.
  5. I'm really surprised they passed over their El Caminos and S-10s. Interesting.
  6. Aside from it being a mat with no ridges, it still has the raised lip around the outside edge. Correct me if I am wrong but it will not allow for a Note 8/S8+/or similar size phone in case to sit flush against the bottom.
  7. How did you modify the trim ? With a dremel. All the parts listed here:
  8. How did you modify the trim ? With a dremel
  9. Even though it fits my Note 8 does not charge at all on my 16 Sierra All terrain SLT but my S6 edge charges just fine. Did you modify your trim? I had to modify mine just so it could sit on the lip of the rubber mat. I also rotated my rubber mat.
  10. I tried to open and read that but it says the page don't exist ? That's weird. I didn't remove it and I can get in it.

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