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  1. Rob, no codes, never heard you recording LOL. Taxb thanks, is the blend door actuators something that can be easily fixed?
  2. Every now and again my AC will switch from blowing cold air to hot. I have to shut the truck off and then restart and then it's cold again. I also turn everything off when I shut off the ignition, any ideas on the issue? I checked the R134 level and the gauge reads good.
  3. I remember a Atlas auto salvage out in the high desert around the Victorville/Apple Valley when I was stationed out at FT Irwin CA, Southern California, area.
  4. I have had good luck with MSD wires, used them on my 2001 suburban, and they are on my current truck.
  5. I put on some 5100 bilstein on mine, and so far so good. Got them from 4wheel parts when they were on sale.
  6. Not sure, but I do know that you can't upgrade to get a trailer package after the fact. The trailer package has some specific part difference vs a non trailer optioned rig. The trailer option gets you a bigger radiator, different tune, and some other stuff. So with the trailer option you can tow 5000-6000lbs without its like only 3000.
  7. I would recommend the heads and cam, as well as building the trans up. You should also look at freshing up the rear, and if it's good just change out the fluid and drive it until it goes. Take a look at the cooling also, bigger trans cooler, oil cooler and possibly a bigger radiator. But after all that you would have put a lot of money into a truck that is not going to be worth a lot (except to you). Just something to think about.
  8. It is marketed as the 8.1L big block muffler, but it fits our truck as the exhaust is the same for both trucks. I put mine on right after I got my truck, so I forgot the muffler number, but call flowmaster, get the part #, then call Summit or Jegs and order it from them. I hope that helps.
  9. You can also get the flowmaster big block muffler for your truck. That is the setup I got for my truck. I love the sound and have had many people also comment positively on it.
  10. I have to find the letter GM sent me on my truck. It basically said if I had a problem with it bring it in and it would be covered. I just put it in the glove compartment, then last year my AC "went out", granted I knew the AC worked, but the blower was "off". I then remembered the letter and called my local Chevy Dealer they said to bring it in and they were familiar with the issue and they covered it. I just throw it out there because it maybe something that Chevy will cover and not cost a thing. At the end of the day if all it costs is a phone call and some time, it maybe worth it.
  11. Also remember these trucks had a " recall"/ service that had the HAVC controls going bad due to humidity buildup. I actually had a similar issue last summer, took the truck into the dealer and they fixed it no charge.
  12. How much, and do they have it for the later GMT800 type of tail light? Yours looks like the earlier style of taillight.
  13. You should be good, I would just keep a eye on the coolant, if it starts to gel up in the next 20,000 miles you will just have to take it to a shop and get it flushed professionally. When I flushed my coolant I did basically what you did( no green coolant though), pull lower radiator hose dump old coolant out, reattach hose, fill with water, let it heat up to running temp, shut off, dump and repeat, I also changed out the hoses at the same time.
  14. Ok, they looked like the factory HID setup to me. My bad.

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