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  1. Almost looks like it had some gravel rash and they touched up up with some paint and it's now coming off. Hard to tell from pic.
  2. Same thing happened to my 13, May be the same with yours. I had a key fob for accessing my shop security door next to my ignition key for probably 6 months. Somehow it affected the chip in the key. They replaced the ignition and key under warranty. Have you tried your other key?
  3. I did have the truck in for the smelly AC when it was new. I can't find in any of my records that they did a software upgrade back then. The dealer was supposed to check and see if there was a new update available but the tech forgot about it.
  4. I have a 2015 Sierra AT, 6.2L full load. almost touching 100,000km on the clock. I have been having this random issue or at least I think it is random. I will get to my destination and shut the truck off and get out, lock it with key fob. I could come back 10-15min later and hear the HVAC fan running. no lights on the dash and none of the controls other than the defrost button will shut it off or putting in the key and turning it to run. Sometimes it will run for 2 min other times it's short and runs 30 seconds. I have brought it to the dealer several times and they are not interested in looking into it. Has anyone else run across this? Is it possible that this is supposed to happen to clear out the condensation in the system from running the AC?
  5. Fuel maverick rims. +18 offset. Stock is +27 I believe. Goodyear wrangler duratrac 275 55/20. Would have went with bigger tires but these were together as a package when I bought them. Tires are even with fenders.
  6. These were the stock size tire. Cant remember off the top off my head 275/55 20? These were on my 13 Denali with no lift or level. I have these on my 14 with a level and would go the next size up for sure.
  7. 6.2 replacing injectors

    Only ever seen 91 in this truck. Ran regular in my 13 6.2 but it would knock a bit. They ended replacing #6 injector and it has been good so far. Apparently the advisor doesn't actually talk to technicians. Advisor made it sound worse than what was needed.
  8. This just happened to my 15 today. Won't come back on at all. Have to see what dealer says. This truck has spent more time at the dealer than my last 6 trucks combined. Ridiculous.
  9. 6.2 replacing injectors

    They haven't told me the codes yet. It just gave me a flashing CEL under hard acceleration. Figured my cheapy code reader wouldn't pull anything. Manual said a flashing CEL was misfire.
  10. My 15 CC all terrain with 6.2 is in dealer having all the injectors replaced. 16 000km on it so far. Truck started to miss or feel like slipping with no CEL lights coming up when under hard acceleration on the highway. Initially I thought it was tranny slip. It gradually got worse then the flashing CEL came up. Took it in and dealer said they are going to start by replacing all the injectors. Parts on back order so may be a long wait. Anyone else experiencing this with the 6.2? Dealer just said must of been bad parts.
  11. Ha! Typical. "Perfectly normal". The clamps have definitely got rid of the clunk. I find now if I brake really hard I will get the clunk. May have to try the clamps on the other side of the springs.
  12. Do you find the front end floating over long bumps in the road like railway tracks on the highway? I have the same setup as you and the front end looks like a 88 crown Vic bouncing down the road. I'll have to play with the adjustments on the shocks. I find that it rides rougher than the stock shocks. What do you keep your bags at when empty?
  13. Give it a shot. Did this on the weekend and took away all the clunking I had going on. Initially thought it was the tranny, had the update done for the 8 speed. The update made it worse if anything. Installed the shackle brackets on the springs like pic posted and it's gone for now.
  14. Does anyone have the TSB or update code?
  15. This is exactly what I have been experiencing as well. Hopefully it does improve with some miles. Hope to see GM come out with another update.

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