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  1. 2014+ truck parts for sale

    Elite Catch Can now Sold!!!!! All I have left is the exhaust for sale....
  2. 2014+ truck parts for sale

    Yes they work very well...probably the best on the market.
  3. 2014+ truck parts for sale

    Bump...catch can and exhaust still for sale
  4. Tire size has nothing to do with alignment....as long as you dont change anything suspension wise you will be fine.
  5. 2014+ truck parts for sale

    Airaid MIT sold.... catch can still for sale...exhaust possible sale pending
  6. 2014+ truck parts for sale

    Would be willing to meet half way.... I live in madisonMadison
  7. 2014+ truck parts for sale

    See post above
  8. 2014+ truck parts for sale

    It's there standard can in red anodized aluminum.... works great catchs oil really well
  9. 2014+ truck parts for sale

    I am selling the following off my 2014 Sierra 5.3L double cab 4x4: -Borla touring dual out the back exhaust with 4" chrome tips (part # 140535) has about 10,000 miles on it. Will fit dbl cab or crew cab short box 143.5" wheelbase's.....$600 ($999 New) -Elite Catch Can, red anodized can, with hoses and mount for washer fluid bolt over the extra battery tray or you can mount it on the brake booster bolt.....$75 ($159 New) -Airaid M.I.T intake tube (without filter) but has all the hoses and factory style connectors and throttle body piping.......$100 ($154 New) Prices listed are without shipping which buyer would be responsible for. I live in Wisconsin so could meet within reasonable distance.
  10. had burnt up clutch on 3rd gear with little to no fibers left on it and 4,5,6 all showed signs of major heat stress and scarring. that is what they found out when they had torn it down. my guess is something wasn't getting enough fluid...
  11. Just a couple of the common ones everyone talks about....leaf spring noise, needed a new radiator and thermostat due to a cracked leaking radiator.
  12. Thanks... yes it does suck been a long time gm man never had any issues until now...
  13. We'll have had ongoing issues with my 2014 Sierra tranny including a new bell housing because the old one was leaking( never anything on ground just noticed 2 drops of fluid on inspection cap on the bottom side of tranny). When I finally got that resolved got the truck back and had what was like a screeching sound or metal metallic sound periodically when it would downshift or upshift into third gear so back to the dealership it went. Got the call this morning new tranny is here and getting installed. 😢 Anybody ever had a reconditioned tranny from gm? Do they come with a warranty? Do they last? Thank god for the 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty!
  14. Turning v4 mode back on

    thanks for the response

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