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  1. I will have to agree that the one and only time the DEF low indicator came on for the 1000mi warning I was near the middle of no where and had just fueled up. I thought I could make it back home with my trailer without another warning - I was only 150 miles from there. However I got about 75mi out and the second warning came on, by the time I got home it was threating a slow down. Added 5gal of DEF and all was good. Dealer topped off the tank at the first oil change - have not added any more since. I suspect that my selling dealer did not fully fill the tank upon delivery.
  2. I am sure that others will chime in but I remember some one else here ordering the parts for the scoop hood - but it was $$$ and I am not sure if he made it working or not. To make it work, you would also need a new air box with the top opening. I would be curious as to why a Denali would be on constraint - hope it doesn't last long.
  3. 9600 trouble free miles. Had the dealer do the ECM TCM re-flash - did not really notice any changes. My daily drive to work just get it warmed up to operational temp - but I have noticed about once a tank full it does a re-gen. The exhaust gets hot and smelly - but I have yet to get the "drive more" message. It seems like the regen is able to start and start at will. I saw a video where Gale Banks did a tear down of the L5P and from what I saw and what Gale said these new engines are well built - Gale feels that there is 20% more in the engine without much work - including the bottom end. They also tore down the top end and it was equally impressive.
  4. According to the GM engineers you won't find the shifter anywhere but the column. The console real estate is way to pricy. Now if you take a look at the new Terrain Denali (and maybe other trims) they have a push button R-N-D and an L with a +/- button on it. Then on the console is a rotary switch for 2WD/4WD/Mountain/Towing etc
  5. From what I have seen about these and other aftermarket camera installs they are not the easiest things to put in - lots of disassembly/reassembly of dash and door parts. For most shade tree mechanics it is a full days job - which means at shop rates, the install would cost more than the parts. I doubt if GM has a Standard Rate for this install so if you notched them down in labor they probably told the tech to make it quick. In 20/20 hindsight, I would have negotiated more on the parts price and not on the labor. At this point you have corrected the issues you found and Echomaster is aware of your issue so maybe they will support you going forward. As for the dealer - I think I would let them know about it - I would have taken photos of the install prior to fixing it - or once discovered - taken it back and let them work out the bugs. My dealer of purchase is about 2hrs away - my nearest dealer is 5min. I was interested in this system when I bought my new truck last year - my fleet buyer told me he and the dealership he worked for had never touched one - to me this was a clue to not have them do the work. I asked around at some other dealers and they also claimed to have no experience with these systems - or for that matter any training on them. I see where the 2019s are going to have a couple of plugs on the back next to the trailer plug for cameras. They still won't have the cameras under the mirrors - except through the Echomaster system. I think that if GM is going to continue to promote it, they need to find an easier way to integrate it.
  6. I had a 2500 with the 6.0L for the last 10 yrs - 07 with the first gen 6sp transmission. I towed a 6000lb travel trailer all over Oregon and even a trip to Glacier Park the truck performed great. Most all hills were conquered in 4th gear at 3500-4000 RPM (about 55-60 MPH). Yes I have watched the FLT Ike Gauntlet and while that is a newer truck, I think the results would have been the same for my old truck - as far as the downshifting goes, the transmission was only trying to protect itself - shifting while at peak torque could be damaging to the transmission - so yes it waits until the RPM is down in a safer range. Also these trucks are not made for long bouts of wide open throttle. They even eluded to it in the video by saying that GM wants you to let off and re-romp the throttle to get the downshift to occur. In general I have found that Ford may have the best numbers, but GM puts more power to the road.
  7. Could also have been for off road lights that were removed when the rig was sold/traded in.
  8. I would guess that the Diesel will be offered in most all trim levels - but for sure the LTZ and High Country and probably the LT and maybe one of the Trail Boss.
  9. On 2014 I think that the 4wd/Lights/Brake controller are all on the dash to the left of the steering wheel - Can't see anyone messing with them. BTW the brake controller is a square hole.
  10. Hauled between 2500 and 3000 lbs of rock and gravel - did not even hit the last leaf.
  11. Is the newer 5.3 enough engine

    I had the same issues several years ago towing a 5800 lb 24' TT with a 99 Tahoe 5.7L 3.73 rear end. When I upgraded the shocks, tires, and WD hitch the Tail Wagging went away but the under powered feeling didn't. However when I traded the Tahoe on a 2500HD. The longer WB and stiffer springs along with the increased HP and torque eliminated all my towing issues. Yes my MPG suffered compared to the Tahoe - the 2500 got 12 in town and 16 on the hy (at best) towing it did between 7 and 11. Now between your two trucks - the Max Tow has an HD rear axle, all of the extra coolers and the 3.73 rear end and in theory it will do a very good job towing your TT over the road. I understand that the CC adds more interior room - but in the 1500 I think the bed is shorter and it would be wise to check the wheelbase difference between the two. The 3.42 is a decent gear set and will give you a bit better MPG when unloaded but will actually decrease your towing performance. If you are only going to tow a few weekends, over flat goads and close to home the CC truck will be fine - however for longer trips or towing in the mountains the 3.73 will be your best choice. BTW I recently bought a new TT and truck - I now tow an 8000 lb 31'TT with a 2500 DMax -no lack of power.
  12. I am on my 3rd GM 4x4 and the only time I heard a front whine was when I was in 4WD - and like you have observed the steering feel is much different when in 4WD. I would still not rule out an issue with the front diff. a small mismatch in the gear mesh could cause a whine when not powered. It might also be more noticeable when decelerating. The lash could still be in spec, maybe on the edge, but in spec. It sounds like the dealer has closed the case on you. You have an option of going to a different dealer and letting them take a look at it, or perhaps find a shop that specializes in drivetrains like a transmission shop and get their opinion. It all depends on how much it bothers you.
  13. Running lights

    When you say all the other lights work did you include tail lights? There is no separate wire for running lights. If indeed the taillights are also non working then you need to look at the fuse/relay box under the hood.
  14. OutdoorsRV travel trailers

    Honestly the 4season moniker is more advertising than reality - however I believe that the overall designs are better than most. Heated tanks, high density foam insulation, double pane windows and perhaps the most important aspect - slides one spot where ORV seems to be ahead of the game - the slide side walls are the same as the main walls - and they seal the bottom with fiberglass. ORV also went totally away from wood framing (Nash's are still wood framed). By having the same construction in all of its products ORV saves $$ because they can order material in larger quantities. As for the limited dealer network - it was done on purpose to allow one plant to supply the demands for the product. Prior to forming ORV, Ron Nash tried a second plant in VA to serve the east coast market. Being so far from the mother plant they found themselves doing things differently than La Grande did - they could not make their own frames so they had to purchase from Lippart. They also created some different models and marketed them differently. Ron decided that this was not going to work and shut it down in 2007 - in late 2009 ORV was started. I have visited both factories - at Northwood the tours are given at specific times - lunch and after hours so you don't see the workers. At ORV I showed up to get some brochures and ended up with a private tour right there on the spot - I got to see a unit fresh off the line as well as a frame for the next production build as well as all the steps used to build these rigs - that day they were building their Creekside line. Also ORV was not something you discussed with the tour guide at Northwood - however at ORV the Northwood connection was openly and pleasantly discussed - including why they felt they are not really competing with them as they have different plans and are targeting a different audience. For me, I actually felt I had three potential mfgs in mind - Northwood, ORV, and Keystone (Cougar only). Northwood seemed to be having more issues with quality control issues - lots of bad press on both IRV2 and the usually supportive NROA web board. I found much better press on ORV. We also looked at floorplans and the AF line did not have what we were looking for - ORV did - and even though the first plans that looked good on paper did not work for us in reality so we kept looking - DW found the TR 25RDS and that was that - glad I had that great truck on order!
  15. OutdoorsRV travel trailers

    I have a new 2017 ORV Timber Ridge 25RDS. Got it last May - have taken it out several times - including our week long jaunt to eastern Oregon for the Pendleton Round-Up. We have done everything from dry camping to full hook-ups and everything has worked as advertised. Prior to this we had a 2005 Arctic Fox 22H and it was well built - however I think that ORV is even better. ORV also has more floorplan options than Arctic Fox. As usual we started looking at the smaller Creekside units in the 26' range with no slide - ended up with the larger TR with a full slide. We plan on either full or near full timing in a few years so we bought bigger than we need now but what will work for the future. Perhaps the other TTs I would consider would be a Keystone Cougar - built in Pendleton. The only drawback to ORV is that their dealer network does not extend much further west than WY and CO - however I have heard of people coming over 3000mi to get an ORV unit from a dealer in WA or OR - and also doing a factory tour at the same time.

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