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  1. I've been lucky not to break any I just make sure to move the harness/hoses above it to allow it to come straight out the top... It is a long sucker for sure but if you keep from twisting it it should come out no problem
  2. I have been able to come from below, reaching up above by the firewall and after moving the harness to the side been able to slide the old one out for testing. Usually ones that have made contact you can see the groove on them at the tip.
  3. But seeing as the cam sensor uses the crank sensor for reference if there is a problem with the crank sensor you will possibly show a cam sensor code Garbage in = garbage out..... And heavens knows these trucks had a problem with the crank sensors being a little long and coming into contact with the flywheel early on.... Coming from a diagnostic master tech not a parts chaser. I was simply stating don't rule out testing the crank sensor as it could give you a false cam sensor code
  4. Have you checked the crank sensor? On my 01 a faulty crank sensor was throwing a cam code as well as sporadic dieing and hard to start
  5. I see 8-10 towing a 9000 lbs (total) enclosed trailer with my race car and gear in it, this is on my 01 with headers, cat-less back exhaust, cai, and hypertec programmed. I get the best economy with 87 octane cruising at 75mph
  6. Make sure to check power steering fluid level, mine did the same thing and while the ps fluid dipstick showed it only being a little low I was able to add almost a full quart to it by topping it off working the steering wheel lock to lock and applying the brake pedal then topping it off again and repeating working the steering wheel. Took a little bit but my brakes and steering came right back.
  7. No help on the info your looking for but am really interested in how your setup performs as I know my 01 8.1 is getting up there in miles itself. Still runs great but know one day is going to be time for a refresh of the ole girl.
  8. add another one, mine started doing this today, more so when increasing speed. sounds to me like the front diff but I hate to get into it if nothing is going to come from it

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