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  1. Hi and Merry Christmas. OK so my 2014 Sierra CC non Bose without Navigation has lost it's passenger door speaker. My question is what are the factory speakers ohm rated for and does anyone know of any aftermarket speakers that will replace them and give the same bass and volume as the OEM ones ? Just a simple swap out of the speaker ? Now some background. I went down a similar road with my 06 Sierra speakers. You can buy very good speakers from Crutchfeild, etc but if the ohm rating does not match the speakers lack the bass and loudness of the original oem. My truck has almost 40K and will be 4 years old on 4/4/18 so I am going to the dealer and ask for a goodwill replacement but I can imagine how that will go. Hell if they just give me a speaker I will put it in......( I see I can buy one for like 40.00 shipped and that may be my best option but these are some non reliable speakers ).if it is just the speaker cause if it is not ..Good Lord !!! On my 06 I installed a Focal component system with woofers, crossovers and tweeters. I really don't care to do all that again but it is a option. I also would like to maybe install a amp but why does none offer a plug and play amp that is not 2300.00 ???? I am really disappointed that the factory speakers are so crappy in these truck. So if anyone has been down this road and has some wisdom to share it would be very much appreciated.. Thanks, Yotaman
  2. The idea that my 14 Sierra has been recalled many times diver's seat clicks ( I fixed with the clamp) my steering column clicks, headlights are terrible, so is radio reception and Bluetooth is glitchy at times. I get service brake and traction control alarms and no issue can be found and a few other nuisances. I have a 2012 Toyota Camry and a 2017 Toyota 86 and nether has had to go back to the dealer except to change the oil. That in a nutshell is what gives me the idea. 22R
  3. I hope they copied Toyota Reliability as well. Looks a whole lotta Tundra to me. Yotaman
  4. 2014 5.3L purchased new. About to turn 40K. Does not seem to use any oil between changes. I use Mobil 1 0 20. Hope you guys get it figured out cause most seem to not burn or use much. Yotaman
  5. While each is entitled to his own opinion I like a white letter look and compared with some of the aftermarket wheel/tire combos on the road today it still looks normal. Have you seen the 24" shiny chrome wheels adorning 400.00 cars in the cities these days ? White letter just adds a bit of sportiness to the ride IMO. Yotaman
  6. Any one have any of out trucks preferably on a Red Sierra/ Silverado. Thanks, Yotaman
  7. When I bought my 2014 I was shocked that the OM came in a Ziploc bag and not a vinyl pouch like my 2006 did.......so I went back after hours and the 2006 was not locked so...... 22R on a side note my 2017 Toyota 86 base model sporty car has a nice magnetic black pouch so after all my small glitches with GMC it will be my last GM pouch is icing on dat cake
  8. Yeah the lights suck on my 2014 as well.....Just wild that GM couldn't care less about it. Back to Yota next time and yes I am sure they have issues to but my experience has been not any with all three I have had. 22R
  9. Glad things have worked out well for you. I too have a 2014 Sierra and read a lot of horror stories on here and while I have had some minor glitches like the loose seat and Service brake and Traction control lights coming on for no reason and a lot of recalls, my engine and trans have been fine. And gas mileage is and has been good. I hope that you continue to have good luck with yours. 22R
  10. And be sure they are not to acidic cause a rotted condenser is even worse that a smelly one....money wise fo sho 22R
  11. You guy's are looking at this all wrong......This is a feature of the truck. Just pour ya coffee in the AM, throw in some sugar and cream and toss it in the center console and Viola after your truck makes it out of the driveway you got a Starbuck's Latte.... Very sad response from GM, I would stay on dat Azz.. 22R
  12. I can't help but wonder when GM says buyback do they really mean trade in ? Or do they actually give you a better than average deal to compensate for the bad taste in your mouth after their vehicle fails. 22R
  13. ***UPDATE**** After seeing and searching on this site and realizing that this was not a common issue, I did some more looking and found that the rattle was the rear seat upper section that seems to be loose. It seems like it would fold down like it is not latched but I don't see a way to fold it down. I lifted the bottom and had some cargo up against the back wall and maybe it was not letting the seat back rest in it's proper location. It still seems loose but rattle is gone when seat is in seating position or seat bottom folded up......Hope this helps anyone before they rip the door apart as I almost did. Quiet sho is nice again.. Thanks for advice all 22R
  14. I have a 2014 SLE with 38K miles and I have been getting this message intermittently for years. When I ask the dealer about it they check and both systems are fine. I think it is something to do with the computer communication system and maybe Bluetooth trying to connect to two different points cause it happens more where I work where there are a few connections. But it does happen anywhere too I would guess about 2 times a week but there has been weeks of it not coming on. It normally clears within a mile so I would have to be passing a GM dealer when it comes in to have it checked out but even then by time you got a service advisor to get a tech to get to the truck it would be clear I bet. I just live with it but if you learn more please post. 22R

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