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  1. I had the 4.10 on my last truck and thencurrent ride has the 3.73. My gaa mileage is about the same but it does not tow as well...my next rruck will most certainly have the 4.10, unless it is a diesel
  2. I had an 05 silverado hd2500 with the 6.0 gas. Always averaged around 13.4 mpg combined city & hiway. I bought a 2011 two months ago and the salesman guaranteed I would get better mpg with the six speed. He was correct! I now get 13.8 mpg with the same driving habits. WOW!! Towing 8000 pounds last weekend going 240 miles, i got 9.2, but 50 miles was unloaded. I am anticipatiing 8-9 mpg towing overall.... A buddy has an 05 cummins with a similar trailer and gets 13-14 towing and 91-21 hiway....not bad for a dually!
  3. I always use synthetic for the best protection for heat, cold and towing. Not that much more money, but probably not absolutely necessary
  4. I dropped the air pressure to 4-5 pounds and hate the ride....every little bump seems to be magnified right in my lower back. I am going to drop the air to zero just to see what the difference is. I know your are supposed to keep five pounds in them, but I am not sure I can live with the rough ride...ugh
  5. I have a three car garage....a double bay and a single bay. Wife gets the double for her tiny suv, and I get the single side....ha I have about an inch on each side of my tow mirrors and tagged one mirror sightly after a party...ugh. No damage,...lucky. My son has an f250 and it wont fir without folding the mirrors.
  6. I got my airlift bags installed yesterday...a lot of work! Haha! Took about four hours, but I was being very meticulous and very careful routing the air lines. I pumped them to 30 pounds and went for a ride unloaded. Rode pretty stiff but solid. After 30 miles, I dropped them to 10 pounds and it rode a lot better, but still a bit rough. I had put new tires on it last month and the tire shop put 80 pounds all around. Rode harsh. I lowered the air pressure to 55 front and 60 rear and the ride was much better. With 10 pounds in the air bags it rides like there is 80 pounds back in the tires. Today I am going to drop them to 4-5 pounds and see how it rides. I wont get a chance to pull a trailer for two weeks, and I am planning to start out with 35 pounds pulling our 7300 pound RV. We will see!
  7. I just ordered a set today....how do they do to eliminate porpoising? Thanx for the pics!
  8. I had an 07 ram 2500 hemi....i am sure the new ones are probably better, but the truck semed to downshift a lot more than needed, and was annoying. It ran at an uncomfortable 3-4500 rpms many times... My 2011 gmc 6.0 does not do it nearly as bad...it is a lot more comfortable to drive and more stable with the trailer. I am very glad I switched to gmc...
  9. Agreed....I also bought a Ford warranty from a dealer online and saved well over $1000
  10. I would guess at the fuel the fuel pressure regulator....but it is a SWAG ( sophisticated wild ass guess). Since you have the new fuel pump, which is where I initially thought was the problem as I started reading your post, and it is throwing multlple codes, I think I would spend the $$$$$ and take it to a shop for diagnosis. Having been in similar situations, you could easily throw lots of parts at it, and lots of $$$$$$, and still not solve the problem. Good luck and let us know what happens....
  11. Thanks, guys, for all of the follow up information....I really do like it a lot, and our first tow will be next Saturday...a bit nervous, as I have not towed this much trailer before, but cannot wait!!
  12. Update..... I went to buy the 09, but someone else bought it...ugh However, I found a 2011 Sierra HD 2500 with the 6.0 gas, and the 3.73.... Great price and great condition, so I opted to buy it. Ready to go camping!!!!
  13. We bought a 7300 pound travel trailer which was over the max capacity of our Titan. I search and researched and talked to folks at campgrounds and googled reviews, etc., etc., etc. After several weeks of looking and driving everything under the sun, I boughr my new to me truck yesterday. We got a 2011 GMC Sierra 4x4 hd 6.0 with the 3.73. I have seen folks with heavier 5 th wheels and tags the have nothing but praise for their GM 6.0. Fords seem to have a lot of issues, and Dodges were worse. The mpg for the 6.0 seems to be at least as good as the other and maybe a little bit better. It will be my daily driver, so I really did not want the 4.10s. I took every truck for a long test drive on hiway and gravel roads, as I refuse to make a decision based on a 5 minute test drive. Anyway, the Sierra road way smoother than the Dodges, and the Ford super dutys rode like a battle wagon, especially on rough roads. So, now I too am a happy camper
  14. We have not towed for several years, but my wife and i are retiring and wanting to travel some. We are looking at a new Flagstall 31 foot travel trailer with a dry weight of 7200 pounds, so I am guessing 8000-8200 loaded, though we tend to pack light. I have a GM 1/2 ton with the 4.8 which I know cannot do the job. I found a beautiful 2009 Sierra Hd 2500 with a 6.0 gas engine....4x4 extended cab with 44,000 miles. I thought about a diesel, but I really do not want to go that route. Might this be a good choice, or ???. Thanks in advance!

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