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  1. Have you checked the cooling lines? It is a good possibility.
  2. I am betting the "contaminants" get in by dragging them in with you (slushy shoes, etc). Weathertech floor liners will probably make this a non-issue.
  3. Yep, sure seems like most paint complaints come from the Oshawa plant. Mine was made in Mexico and my paint is flawless, except for some minor orange peel, which is typical in today's water based paints.
  4. Autoanything

    Same here.
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GM_GMT_platform
  6. +1 Thanks for the info Don. I will use the Gm stuff too.
  7. Anyone Into Boats? Post Your Pics

    It's not a mid-cabin, so it only sleeps 2 inside. I am 6'0" and my wife is 5'3" and we slept in it once. Not bad, but I was a little cramped. It was pretty cool that night, otherwise I would have slept up top. It has a complete camper enclosure with both screens and Isinglass. It has about 350 hours on it and I picked her up for $21K. It has a VHF radio and a Lowrance GPS.
  8. Anyone Into Boats? Post Your Pics

    Update: Sold my Larson (pictured previously in this thread) and bought this in August: 2002 SeaRay Weekender 225, 25' OAL with MPI 5.0 260 HP. Not fast, but much better for the river than my little Larson was.
  9. No, this is just general purpose grease and not thick enough for this job. It will work, but not as effectively as recommended greases. I would try either the GM tech bulletin recommended grease (=expensive), or Marine Triple Guard grease. Where can you find that in town? The Triple Guard Grease is marketed by Evinrude/Bombardier. Formerly it was sold by OMC . It is good thick stuff used to lubricate boat propeller shaft splines for a totally waterproof coating that does not wash off even in sea water. Because it is so thick and viscous, it will effectively reduce the audible clunk the yoke makes. You can find it in most boat stores or marina stores, especially ones servicing OMC marine engines and drives. I use Lubri-Plate to grease my boat's prop shaft and after a full summer of use, it is still there 100%. I am thinking of using this on my slip yoke.
  10. Just curious, how would this grease get into the trans to contaminate the the trans fluid?
  11. It also appears that the AC Delco pf 61 has an anti drain back valve and can be used. 3 year old thread revival FTW!
  12. Well, now that you mention it, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Fixed.
  13. Mickey Thompson Atz's

    Yeah, and then get a big-ass sticker for every other aftermarket branded item you put on your truck. i.e. Valvoline, Trico wiper blades, Turtle Wax, etc...oh and don't forget the Kleen-Ex sticker for that box of tissues you have in the cab either. You wouldn't want to miss out on any of the free advertising for any of the companies you purchased from. I know the letters aren't white, but it sure looks like a whole lot of free advertising on these tires Don't really have much choice here though do I?

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