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  1. A couple of mine: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. L96 6.0 Given More Life

    Yes they did. Arguably one of the most bulletproof gas engine/transmission combos ever produced. I've heard that too....that the Allison was a power robber. The 8.1 was still a beast though!
  3. Yes. I forgot to mention the alignment. Thanks!
  4. If you're staying under 2", then just crank the factory keys and add some shock extensions.
  5. Big Whiskey's 2016 2500HD

    Thanks for the kind words! I'm very happy with my truck. And, welcome to the good side, haha! I haven't really made any additional changes recently, but I'm planning to update this thread in the spring, when I can get some good pictures.
  6. i can't say I blame you. That's a great drivetrain setup. And, they're tough looking trucks.
  7. 6.2 gasser with the 4.30 rear end?
  8. My 700 lb 4-wheeler drops mine about 1" in the back.
  9. If you're planning to keep your stock wheels, I'd recommend 285/75/17's. They'll just barely clear on a stock truck, and will easily clear with a few torsion bar cranks. Pics in my build thread of that size before and after the level/wheels.
  10. I went with the Zone Offroad extensions too. Very pleased. My stock keys are cranked 7 turns.
  11. Roger that. I haven't actually measured my truck, but there isn't much room to spare on my 7' garage with the 1.5" front lift and 34's. I'd like to go a little taller, but need to be able to fit in the garage.
  12. I'm really curious to see your results with the 4:56. I think you'll be the only guy on the forum with a gear swap on a new HD gasser.
  13. Love your setup. Can your truck fit in a standard 7' garage?

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