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  1. It you just want to raise the front 1.5"-2.0" then crank the factory torsion bars a few turns and add some shock extensions. If you're wanting more lift, then buy a full 4" suspension lift and crank it way down.
  2. I agree 100%. Too many people try to lug them like a big block or a diesel. It's an LS based motor...let that sucker scream!
  3. Yes. My factory antenna was beating the crap out of my garage door, so I installed a short antenna from AutoZone. I may have lost a little bit of FM reception, but I'm not too worried about it because I use XM Radio or my iPhone most of the time.
  4. In for the comments, as I'm having the same issue with mine. Does it when playing music via bluetooth too.
  5. I don't know the exact height difference, but I know my 2500HD (with 1.5" lift and 34" tires) still fits in a standard 7' garage door with a little room to spare.
  6. Tire fitment on 2017 GMC SLT 4x4

    Yep! There's lots of guy running that size with a level.
  7. KO2 Tire, 20k mi review

    That stinks. The old BFG AT's wore like iron. If you're wanting to keep the C range 275/65, then look into the Cooper AT3 and Toyo AT2. Both offer a good mileage warranty on the LT's. I ran both of those on my 2012 1500. I ran the Coopers first, and sold them at 50k miles. The guy that bought them was still running them almost 2 years later. I traded my truck with about 18k on the Toyo's, and the dealer thought they were brand new. It would also be worth looking into the Falken Wildpeak AT3. Even though they'll be E range, they have a good mileage warranty too....and the price is hard to beat.
  8. what tires are good for 00 sierra 4x4 w 16 rims

    285/75/16 is a very popular size for those trucks with a small lift and stock rims.
  9. Falken wildpeaks tires

    I've got about 11,000 miles on my Falken's, and I'm still very happy with them. They performed really well in what little snow we had last year. Probably better than any other tires I've ever ran, although I've never owned a set of dedicated snow tires. They're smooth and quiet, and look really good. Tread wear is barely noticeable. At 10k miles, they still had more tread depth than my dad's stock tires on his brand new truck, haha. I really can't say anything bad about them.
  10. Yowza! Those look great! I've wondered about that size fitting with a level on the stock rims....and now I know! How do they handle in the snow?

    I'd recommend removing the spacer, or lowering the height on your new shocks. As Spurshot said, that setup (basically stacking two leveling kits on top of each other) is going to be terrible for your front end. If you keep it under 2.5" of lift in the front, parts will last much longer, and your 285/65's will look better. To answer your original question, I've seen 295/70/18's fit with a leveling kit and small body lift.....which is probably about the same amount of total lift as what you have now.
  12. Same here. Bought my 2016 model in January of 2017.
  13. Tires

    On a completely stock truck, they might rub the carpet liner. However, if you raise the front a bit, they'll clear just fine. Same with a 295/70/18.
  14. Exact same here! I cranked mine 7 turns, and raised the front 1.5". Still rides great! How much did you drive it when it was completely stock? Just curious what kind of ride you're expecting from an empty 2500HD..... I agree completely about the tire PSI. I run 50 F/R on mine too, when empty. Much better ride and tire wear than what GM recommends.
  15. You can run fat 33's or skinny 34's with just a few cranks on the torsion bars. If you actually use your truck for work, that's what I would do. Throw some shock extensions on it, get the front end aligned, and drive the heck out of it!

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