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  1. 140,000 miles. Quart of oil every 1000 miles. Dealer did a top engine re-build at 60k and it's back. Stuck piston rings is there excuse now, told me to pour marvels mystery oil in spark plug hole to help eat away carbon. Just keep adding oil and driving.
  2. I have been thinking about this, and I think this may of been a common thing because there is a heat shield over the coil (I think that's the correct name). I took the starter off, and checked the connections, however the exhaust is 2" from the starter, so obviously the heat from the exhaust is effecting the starter. Thanks to the people who have viewed this post, hopefully I can find a solution.
  3. I have had this problem for a long time, but it has never bothered me until lately. During the winter, I have no issues, but the summer is a different story. New battery was my first step, installed a Gel Red top. Get in, drive, enjoy your ride but when you get to your destination turn off the truck and BOOM, your screwed. I usually wait about 15 minutes and when I turn the key the truck starts like nothing is wrong. Usually, what I do is get mad, and rattle the battery, and that has made it start. Usually, just opening the hood and cussing has made it start, but that doesn't always work. Well, I just crawled under the truck and took the starter loose in hope I would find a loose connection on the starter. It was tight. For some reason, I have heard a tick, and after it ticks the truck will start. The tick sounds to be coming from close to the battery bay, but I am not sure. So, I wait until it cools off, and it will start right up and drive. Any advice will be appreciated.
  4. 2007 NBS parking break release

    GM Part # 15226270 $20 on Amazon.com Also, just found TPMS GM part#13586335 on amazon for $34 ea!
  5. I broke my parking break release, and need to replace the cable. It took me less than 10 minutes to get it off, but I was hoping to only have to replace the cable. Any part numbers will be apreciated!
  6. TPMS Dash Light Will not turn off?

    I have one acting up, giving me false readings 0psi to 99psi. I have NEVER replaced them, however Napa has them for $42 ea. There units are also sealed. Can anyone give me any advice on this?
  7. I have the same problem too. I believe it's an exhaust leak, coming from the donut leaving the manifold attaching to the exhaust. You only hear the pinging when its cold, when its warm you can't hear it. I had transmission flushed yesterday and he said there was a pinhole crack that he could't fix because the bolts were too tight. Try that.
  8. I"ve got the other color seats, and I don't have a fix but I HATE MY STUPID WASTE OF TIME SEATS! I wish GMC would take them pieces of crap out and put something in that you can sit in and not be scared to stain.
  9. 76 pages, I remember when this was 1 page!! I've been gone fora while..
  10. Well, I had the answer all typed out, but then I saw you wanted it PMd to you, so you would not have to read the post to find the reply. So, I saved you the trouble by deleting what I originally typed, so you won't have to worry about finding it. Thanks! I owe you!
  11. Pictures of the trailer hitch please! I like this!!!
  12. Look, can someone who's been keeping track of this sum up the whole project. I'm not reading 54 pages! And if you don't mind, would you also PM me the answer so I don't spend forever trying to find where i posted it. Is it only Ebony or does Titanium cover. Are they also giving away seat covers? or just replacing the cushons.
  13. Either way, we are all saying that material they use for the seats in the GMT900's is s**te!
  14. What list, what about an issue number. My name is on there, has been for 8 months, but if we can't all get together and head in the same direction, it's pointless doing anything other than sitting here and reading.
  15. Alright, Why are we still bitching about this and why can't we get something done. Lets use the Internet to out advantage to advertize and pick up the phone to GM and start wake someone up.. I have Titanium seats and CANNOT afford leather. Besides, like I said earlier, I own a truck, why do I want a truck with vertually white seats. I still dont' have seat covers, however, I do have my el-cheapo towels. Lets get the word around and start posting wake someone up.

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