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  1. Same with me. I ordered mine from the factory and did not even drive it before I bought it. I love driving it and it's the best truck I've ever owned. No shake, no transmission issues or anything. Great fuel economy, quiet and handsome interior, awesome Bose sound system with apple carplay, and it looks amazing to boot.
  2. So to prove that the CR data somehow allows readers to make a decision, you show that you have to go to an alternative source in order to find additional data in order to draw a conclusion? Interesting thought process. Thanks for replying and showing that Fuelly.com provides more meaningful data than CR does which is what we are criticizing. So really, all CR managed was to coax it's readers to go find data elsewhere because their own data was not sufficient in order to draw a meaningful conclusion. From Fuelly.com we can find the information that everyone wants to know about. 2017 Chevrolet 2500HD with 6.6 diesel : 14.9 mpg average 2016 Chevrolet 2500HD with 6.0 gas : 11.2 mpg average 2016-2017 Chevrolet 1500 with 5.3 gas : 16.5 mpg average 2016-2017 Chevrolet 1500 with 6.2 gas : 16.5 mpg average http://www.fuelly.com/car/chevrolet/silverado_2500_hd http://www.fuelly.com/car/chevrolet/silverado_1500
  3. This is what you're failing to understand, and your bold rhetoric does not help to support your point. The data they have provided is meaningless because it has been collected under a different set of constraints compared to the EPA or GM testing. The article also doesn't help the buyer understand whether it's worth spending the extra $10k to get a diesel in their 3/4 ton truck versus the gasser. Instead, they compare to a half ton truck which weighs differently, and has a completely different skillset. Why should it be the reader's job to filter the information to find the tidbits that are relevant to them? If CR actually had a plan with this article, they should have filtered the fruit from the dirt before releasing the article. What they should have done is compared all heavy duty trucks, with both the diesel and gas equivalents. This would help someone choose between the two offerings within that same truck platform. Now that would have been a fantastic article with some substance as the comparison now has encompassing context. Is it nice that they did some fuel mileage testing? Sure it is!, but the way that it was presented is poor to say the least. The problem with their test is that it's not standardized, so you can't just take their values and compare them to EPA or other mandated testing. Another good aspect to add would have been some sort of towing test where they use the same equipment with a trailer with a mass that is a defined percentage of the maximum towing capacity. This article does not really help the consumer make a purchasing decision, which is the intent of the CR mission.
  4. No, we get it. The point is that the data is not presented in a meaningful way to allow the CONSUMER to make a meaningful purchasing decision. Why they chose to highlight a heavy duty's mileage compared to a half ton. Why not also compare the mileage of the 3/4 tons to midsize cars too because that's SOME INFORMATION as well.
  5. What a stupid article. Why in the world would you compare a heavy duty 3/4 ton diesel's mileage to that of a half ton gasser's mileage? The trucks have completely different weights and capabilities and are not the primary reasons for buying each one. It would be more meaningful to provide towing mileage with the diesel and compare that to towing mileage with the 3/4 ton gassers. It's tests like these that really lower the credibility of consumer reports to me.
  6. This is a great idea. Chevy trucks have too many offroad-type packages, which need to be countered with street packages like this. I drive my trucks on paved roads 95% of the time, so they should be designed to perform well on that surface. I welcome the stiffer sway bars, better brakes and more responsive handling. If only they would offer this in the Silverado!
  7. Tough Month Of Sales For GM Pickup Trucks

    What do you think needs to be changed? Is there an issue with the current platform to you or is it just a public perception issue wherein not being fresh means it's outdated?
  8. Tough Month Of Sales For GM Pickup Trucks

    So the fact that they came out with the new K2 in 2014, and then refreshed the truck for 2016 is not good enough for you? Explain.
  9. I'm running into the same issue right now. I have an '08 LT with the auto dimming mirror and sunroof. I want to order a new LT2 but they don't offer these options in the new crew cabs! I have to go to the LTZ and pay an extra 6 grand more to get all these other options that I don't want just so I can get mirrors and a sunroof. Man I hate bean counters and how they make these decisions. And for the record, my '08 auto dimming mirror works amazingly! I couldn't believe it the first drive I took in that truck at night how well it worked.
  10. Great interview from someone that seems very unbiased. Just tells it how it is. I can't wait to drive one of these trucks.
  11. This has always been my experience in Canada. When you place the order your maximum price is set. If new incentives come on line during the ordering process, you can reap the benefits of the new program. That's why I always order my vehicles.
  12. Thanks for the tip! I haven't noticed this on the online configurator. Can you apply the custom package to a 1LZ crew cab?
  13. Thanks for the replies. The wrap is not a bad option as I will likely be getting the front end covered in 3M nochip or xpel anyway so I could just get a colour wrap put on, but the sheen would be off. I just don't understand why I can't order the look I want with the suspension i want. What's the logic between coupling the two together!?
  14. Not a bad suggestion but the difference between the two is more than that. The tires are different, and the Z60 suspension has thicker sway bars. I also think the Z60 is lower than the Z71 so the coils and leaves must either be different or have different mounting points. I'm more interested in a good handling truck that I can rail an on ramp with than having a smooth ride. My current Silverado with the Z60 is such a good handling truck!
  15. I'm in the process of spec'ing out a new 2017 1500 Silverado. I've done a lot of reading on the GM order guide and on this forum. I want to order a truck with the heavy duty (Z60) suspension package and the body coloured front and rear bumpers/fascia. From what I can tell, this is not possible. if you choose a 2LT or a 2LZ, you get the body coloured front and rear, but it comes with the Z71 offroad suspension package. If you order a 1LT or a 1LZ, Then you get the heavy duty sport suspension, but it only has a chrome front and rear. My question is: is there a trick to getting what I want short of ordering 1LZ truck and then buying body coloured pieces for the front and rear later or am I out of luck? Some pics attached for reference! These trims only come with the Heavy Duty Suspension Package These trims only come with the Z71 Offroad Package.

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