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  1. Thanks guys for the responses!!! I'll take your advice and just run the platinums.
  2. About to turn 200,000 miles on my '01 2500HD and I'm in the process of replacing plugs and wires. I can find AC Delco wire set for my truck, but as far as spark plugs, I can only find AC Delco Platinum or AC Delco Double Platinum. The plugs I thought were the best for these vehicles are the AC Delco Iridium plugs which I can't find anywhere. I looked at all the major auto supply chains and even Rock Auto and they only have 1 plug left. Is this not the best plug anymore to be running in our units anymore or should I be looking at NGK Iridium plugs as a replacement for the Delcos? Thanks in advance!!!!
  3. I had to take it to the GM dealer when I was out there and they installed a GM Re-man one and told me all the updates have been done by GM to take care of the problems of the past. I just wanted to double check with you guys if this is actually true and If it isn't, that's absolutely ridicolous that GM would still sell a non-revised transfer case! Thanks Guys!!!
  4. Hello All!! On a trip out to Utah last month I blew out my transfer case on my 2001 2500HD; which was kinda surprising as I did the pump rub fix a few years ago. They replaced it with a GM Re-manufactured one. My question is, do the newly Re-manufactured transfer cases have the pump rub fix already preformed on them or do I have to open up a newly Re-manufactured one to make sure it doesn't pop a hole in the future?
  5. Mine is the same as GrandPaul's situation. I've tried many different stations/brands etc. same problem.
  6. I hear ya, I never got a response and never fixed the problem. I just fill it by hand very very slowly!! It stinks that I can't just click the handle down to fill anymore. Sorry to hear you have the same problem also. I couldn't agree more Absolute CRAP design!
  7. Good question John!! I have the same problem with my '01 and I've been dealing with it for a while now. Hope someone has an answer to this. Thanks!!
  8. Thanks guys for all the responses!!!! Still on the hunt.
  9. Thanks guys for the fast response!!! My mistake, I was thinking that at some point they switched over. I'm glad to hear the newer 3500 rides great!
  10. Hello All, I currently own a '01 2500hd CC and was kicking around the idea of moving up to a newer body style 2500hd. Does anyone know which year GM dropped the torsion front end and went back to the coil over front suspension? Also is the ride of the newer trucks a vast improvement over my '01? I currently have 170,000 miles on mine, and it's starting to rattle up front over bumps. I'm thinking front end rebuild if I keep it. One of the major reasons for a newer truck is the downhill assist with towing. What years did they offer this on the 6.0 gasser? Thanks in advance!!!!!
  11. Black Bear Performance Custom Tune

    Thanks Ryan! I looked at their calendar and it was only this past weekend. I wish I would've noticed earlier. Thanks again!--Tim
  12. Black Bear Performance Custom Tune

    Is he still in Michigan? If so I'd like to get a custom tune, while he's still in town.
  13. From the sounds of it, you're trans is not shot. Just the reverse band is probably toast! My 4l80e had the same problem. I was advised when going in reverse act like there's an egg under the accelerator. Reverse is the weak point!!! I paid around $900 to get mine fixed. Hope this helps!!
  14. Thanks guys for the info. I'm going to have to check for a screen or something near the wiper cowl. Thanks again!!
  15. Hello all, I've got a problem with either chipmunks or squirrels getting inside of my blower motor. The first time I thought my blower motor was bad, so when I went to change it out, I found petrified bread inside the fan cage. Same thing the second time around. I actually have 2 questions. Where it the entrance or intake for the cab hvac system located? What works to keep them out? Thanks in advance!!!!! BTW my truck is an '01 2500hd crew cab.

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