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  1. The "Catch Can" Explained

    Emptied my @Elite Engineering E2-X can for the first time tonight. This is a 10 oz. juice bottle after about 600 mi of driving.
  2. I have the OEM ones from GM. They fit perfectly, and are very durable. I don't think they'll ever curl and they just look great. The only drawback is the front driverside mat has no protection for the small area underneath the gas pedal. Some users have thrown another piece of mat under there or trimmed off the sill plate area and glued to the missing gas pedal area.
  3. To change the trim on the wheel probably requires a whole new steering wheel.
  4. Yep, that was my plan....I can move it if I ever want pretty easily and quickly.
  5. You can get an Access Lorado for $400 at Walmart online. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Access-42319-Lorado-Tonneau-Cover/49962182
  6. Gotcha. Did you find a used floor liner or just a driver-side liner to do this, or did you have to buy an entire new set?
  7. So those pieces you glued on came off of another set of the same floor mat pictured, or they came off the simple rubber ones that come stock with the truck?
  8. I'm pretty new to these forums, so I'm not sure but I bought mine directly from Range
  9. I usually order from GMPartsDirect.com and have never had to enter a VIN. I ordered these steering components from CheapestGMParts.com, and VIN was optional, so I entered it, and the sales department just wanted to verify that I wanted these parts since they don't "match" my VIN. I confirmed I wanted what I originally ordered and they have now processed it. Makes sense on the volume vs. price thing with the clock springs.
  10. Correct. Unplug it and it's like you never had it in the first place.
  11. Quick question on parts: I placed an order last night for a heated steering wheel (part #84222909) and associated clock spring (23381964) on cheapestgmparts.com (first time ever using that site). Got an email response back today informing me those parts are not correct for my VIN # (I assume my VIN shows that I don't currently have heated steering). Those are the parts I want though, correct, and they will work? The website is suggesting part #'s 23278606 / 23381963, which are the components with no heat (which I assume is what I currently have in the truck). On a side note, why is the clock spring with heat ($48.81) so much cheaper than the clock spring without it ($100.02)? Thanks
  12. I sent my Range in for a firmware update when I traded in my '09 for a '16. Just got it back two weeks ago and haven't had any issues. Runs great and I leave mine plugged in all the time (though my truck never sits for more than two days at most between drives).
  13. Awesome. Let me know details and I will get you some $$$

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