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  1. I haven't figured out something yet. Why put in leds if you have to use a resistor for them? Or are you interested in changing the color?
  2. try stopping these 12,000 pound loads at freeway speeds and we will see how comfortable you are with a 1500 series truck.
  3. The problem isnt really getting it moving as making it stop.
  4. yea I tightened the screws under the knee cover area awhile back. they were loose but not making any noise. their is some actuator for the ac that seems to be making a noise going over bumps. I haven't totally figure out what it is. since im not a contortionist its hard to inspect it. I originally thought it was coming from the center jump seat but I took that out and confirmed its not that unfortunately.
  5. I have this rattle that is driving me nuts. Its coming from the bottom middle of the dash under where the black cover is for the a/c stuff. I read on another site a guy stuffed a sock between the floor and black a/c cover on the left side. It helps some but comes back. It seems to be coming from where the actuator is. Anyone ever heard of this? I did take the black cover off and it still makes that noise going over bumps. Almost sounds like a metallic sound. 2014 Silverado lt jump seat not center console.
  6. It could be like the "texas" addition trucks. they just seem to have more chrome.
  7. Sorry but i dont believe anyone gets 29mpg in these trucks as an average. maybe going down hill. Or doing 50 on the freeway. but i still doubt it. I drive a toyota camry also and my average mpg is barely 25 for mostly city driving.
  8. swear as if we are going through enough in houston and friggen gas stations selling gas with water in it.
  9. I hate chevys mylink interface. I have a toyota camry too. Toyotas interface is lightyears ahead of gm. I am a computer tech. I shouldnt have to watch a youtube video on how to add presets and such on a radio.
  10. yea all that fun stuff other people do to your property. how you leave a rag in the oil pan is beyond me. though discount tire seems to tighten 5 of 6 lug nuts to different torques and 1 loose enough to remove with your fingers. never under stood that either.
  11. I know amazon has several. Pretty sure the lithium ion ones are the way to go.
  12. wow talk about fire hazard. i dont see how this wouldnt be a recall if their is enough of this happening.
  13. Dont be giving me ideas man. lol I live in texas its my job to be well armed. Drive buys? I dont buy things while driving
  14. well the most important thing i keep in my truck is my glock 17 with 17 round mag and a spare 33 round mag. Other secondary things Large knife, trailer hitch/ball, some tools to change the battery, pens, mileage log book, tmps relearn tool, flash light. Future item is some type of short barrel ar-15.
  15. an agm battery just has the acid captured in a slurry on the plates. no other difference. Thats why you can mount it in any position. dont get hot? id like to see evidence of that claim.

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