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  1. You may check mountguys.com. I have found they have a huge variety. Maybe something they carry will work? Sent from my STV100-1 using Tapatalk
  2. Assuming you are not turbo or super charged, the following holds true: Your piston, on its downstroke, pulls in a fixed VOLUME of air every time. Hot air at a given volume represents less mass than the same volume of COLD air. More mass of air = more fuel at combustion time (air-fuel ratio is held around 14.6 unless you are at WOT, then it is 12.1 +/-). For the sake of this discussion, assume AFR is constant. More mass of air = more fuel = more power. That's about
  3. The dueller alenza has been my tire of choice on my trucks for years. Excelling in rain and snow for a highway/street tire. The POS wrangler sra s will be going the wt of the dumpster on my 16 before winter propper sets in around here. Sent from my STV100-1 using Tapatalk
  4. I had a similar thing happen on my headlight socket on my 07 sierra. That was 5 years ago. Buddy bought the truck from me. Told him about it. Still fine today, 6 years later. Should be ok. Sent from my STV100-1 using Tapatalk
  5. No problem. I'll see what I can learn on Monday. Again, my suspicion is it may only involve some ecm tweaks for different regions. Heh, looks like we'll BOTH maybe learn something.... Sent from my STV100-1 using Tapatalk
  6. May take until next week, but I can reach out to some on my epa counterparts and see if they are familiar with that. I am in the aviation emissions arena and not too familiar with the automotive end... What I may SUSPECT is that these different "builds" could mean as little as engine tune tweaks to achieve certain combinations of gaseous emissions levels for various states and/or regions. The odd thing, to me, is that modern gasoline engines are kleeeeen as a whistle at the tail pipe in the factory calibration. We have shoved probes up tail pipes, and, once the catalyst heats up, you get nothing other than co2 and water out the back. Diesels on the other hand, even with after treatment, will never achieve gdi emissions levels in Automotive applications. You can do a lot, and they do, but nox is difficult to clean up in diesels. I'll see what I can find out. Sent from my STV100-1 using Tapatalk
  7. Ouch... lol Sent from my STV100-1 using Tapatalk
  8. My guess is a blend door actuator Sent from my STV100-1 using Tapatalk
  9. I suppose there's an OUTSIDE chance that your sending unit is out of wack. I had an '05 explorer that had the sending unit go wacko after I shot some Techron through it. Eventually corrected itself but had the sending unit swapped under warranty anyhow. Just a thought.
  10. You reminded me of something I failed to mention. Not all fuels are created equal. I remember back in my tuning days, Shell caused unbelievable knock retard vs. other fuels. I wouldn't run Shell in a rented lawn mower. Around here, the good fuels were BP/Amoco, Exxon, Marathon when it comes to knock performance. Not sure what the deal is/was with Shell, but it caused all kinds of pointing and scratching when looking at logs---other brands, however, showed no such behavior. Dunno...
  11. Well, i must admit that fuel economy in trucks has improved quite a bit since my '91 F150 (had the 302 V8). I remember folks asking what mileage I was getting with that truck. I used to answer 13mpg. They would then ask City or highway?... and I would answer "correct". My Sierra gets 16-17 all day long in suburban driving and 21+ on the highway. That adds up on range. Most American manufacturers will size the tank for approx 400 miles range in the city. Doing the math on my truck, 400/16=25, and, hence a 26 gal tank. I am with you, though, if there was a choice of a larger tank, I would have "bought on" for sure.
  12. Modern knock sensors are sensitive enough that incipient knock is detectable. When your engine is operating under conditions where knock can/is occurring, the control retards timing to avoid/minimize knock. The default calibration GENERALLY is good enough to avoid knock without intervention due to detected knock. Nothing, however, is fool proof, and, engines operate under a wide extreme of conditions (Temp/Pressure/Humidity/Load/RPM, etc.). If knock is detected, generally not much happens other than timing being pulled now-a-days, and, the results are transparent to all but the most seasoned. Thus, running 87 causes no adverse effects. When, however, timing is pulled due to (incipient) knock, then, yes, power decreases due to the retarding of timing, all other things being equal. That being said, if your truck is set-up for 87, then, running 87 is no issue. If, however, one chooses to run 91, instead, than you are providing the engine a little "insurance" relative to knock that timing won't be pulled as soon/quickly, as you are running a fuel with more pre-detonation resistance (high Octane rating). These are the unemotional facts. That being said, how much difference does that make? Depends on how you are operating your truck, under what conditions, and ambient conditions. For 99% of us, it probably would not be noticeable, one way or another. Running 91 in an 87 engine just gives a little "head-room" against knock retard on timing. I, personally, run 91, especially in the hot summer months. Does it REALLY matter? Probably not. I just prefer it that way.
  13. Boy, no kidding on that statement. When I think back, my first new truck I ever had was a '91 F150 XLT Lariat (RC/LB), the nicest one you could get at the time, My '16 Sierra Premium Plus makes that '91 F150 look no better than a work truck now-a-days, even though "back in the day" the Lariat was considered a pretty plush for a truck.... It had the real fake wood trim around the (almost perfectly square) center stack... LOL and a PLUSH, I say PLUSH, cloth velour-like bench seat with a (wait for it) FOLD DOWN ARM REST.... who-da-thunk.... On another note, it DID have one thing that is a thing of the past.... It had Dual Tanks on it, LOVED IT. 40 gal total fuel capacity. Wish I could still get that today. Only thing I really miss...
  14. I have an SLT "Premium Plus" (so-called) which, it is my understanding, is essentially as loaded a truck as you can get short of the "Denali-Only" features. AS indicated above, once you are in a Premium Plus, the list of features different between the two has shrunk considerably. I believe the biggest hitters were the magnetic ride, the upgraded Denali seating, the digital gauge cluster, a different looking grill, and, maybe a few additional smaller items. At the time I purchased mine, I didn't find myself in an incentive-rich environment, and the cost difference between the premium plus and Denali was more than I was comfortable with versus what "more" I would actually get for the extra money. And, of course, mine is a 5.3 8-speed versus the 6.2 8-speed. Personally (and I say this without having any experience with 6.2l, which is probably an obscene rocket, given that the 5.3 is no slouch itself), I am extremely pleased with my truck and like it very much. AS I am one of the folks that uses my truck as a car 95% of the time, and a truck 5% of the time, I felt the 6.2 was overkill for me, but, in the premium plus, I got all of the blinky-blinky-lights and buttons I wanted, and, really don't miss the other stuff. The digital dash would have been cool, to be sure, but knowing myself, I probably would have delightfully played with it for a few months, then set it up a certain way and probably never messed with it again (just my nature). Not sure if this clarifies anything more, but that's my $0.05. BTW, glad you are liking your truck.
  15. I had a Ford Truck back in 2001 that had this "hologram" effect. Ford replaced my door with a new one off of the assy line--- painted to match. Couldn't tell after the fix. That's pretty bad from what I can tell.

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