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  1. np, I dont think my pup is going to win. The second placer now in first, had like 20 likes and then overnight jumped to 70. Seems kinda screwy. Just shoot me a pm when you post. Only have till the 31st.
  2. Hey if anyone would like to LIKE to help win the costume contest for my pup Darth Kira would be great. She was in first and now in second. Just click the link and then hit LIKE. I got her the typical dog vader costume, but made a whole helmet front to back. I have to modify yet since it got pushed back on her head, I also added a vader breathing device. Next year Im going to redo the box for her. If you wouldn't mind sharing while on there too. I would appreciate it greatly. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=644629302243627&set=a.644628772243680.1073741836.203815519658343&type=1&theater
  3. Going to stick with the 35w to play it safe. Plenty bright on my wifes car. Ddm comes with relay included. Thank you everyone.
  4. DDM is what ill go with for the lifetime warranty. I just have to decide then the 35w or 55w. DDM said itll be fine as long as theres room to disappate the heat. SInce the headlight assembly is good size it shouldnt be a problem but on the other hand to take a chance then melt, then all new headlights. Might be safer just stick with the 35w?
  5. So decided to finally get a set, the wife has a pair of ddm in her jeep. Told the 5000 spectrum is the brightest, since I have two different bulbs for hi/low need two kits which sucks. Anybody recommend any ebay sellers for hid kits, ddm tuning will be about 105.00 for two kits plus shipping otherwise. Was looking at getting the 55w over the 35w like my wife has. I have aftermarket headlights but same size as the oem ones, anyone have issues with the 55w melting the plastic on the headlights? ps. only switching to hids now because my ccfls for high and low stopped working so its like oem lighting now
  6. Low budget lowrider can't go over speed bumps

    Yea that looks cool getting out some boards to go over the hump! FAIL and lame....
  7. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Getting truck ready for show season.
  8. Pm me how much thank you
  9. as it says, pm me with price info. thank you
  10. Beyond damaged car continues to drive

    What a POS...
  11. It can be yours for $1,000,000 plus, wow! http://autos.yahoo.c...-235634253.html
  12. Vinyl, painting it will just get chipped unless you do a 3m clear bra over it.
  13. Factory is boring, I went with led and smoked them!
  14. Tricked out ZL1

    Beat on posting it, what a giant jcwhitny over the top POS, that inside green just wants to make me puke. At least that should have done in black. Not hard to figure out who paid to make it F-ugly. I mean that is so beyond not even close to good taste. Below is the link for 813 customs on facebook http://www.facebook....174730879247261
  15. Locks that you key to your ign switch key

    The fob is called the remote, by any 3rd party security system company. OEM car manufacturers might call it a key fob. I use to do install for 20 years LOL.

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