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  1. I am going to pass on the seafoam treatment. Going to switch to conventional oil and a wix's filter and see what that does. I change my oil every 3000 miles and the mobil 1 is black when it comes out.
  2. Could be piston slap. It has a ticking sound that increases with engine speed. So it could be either. This is what I might try, put some seafoam in the oil to help clean any sludge or build up. Run it for about 100 miles. Try some chevron supreme oil and a different filter than ac delco one, maybe mobil 1 or wix.
  3. Well I have the dreaded 6.2L lifter tick at cold start up. It has kind of did it since 10k miles but now at 45k miles it is more noticeable. Lasts for 2 minutes or so. Sounds like it is a diesel when I leave for work in the morning. I run mobil 1 with acdelco filter since i bought it with 9k miles on it. Other than start up it runs great and doesn't burn any oil.My question is, is there a different oil or additive that I could use to help quiet it down?
  4. 3.5" inlet satin black exhaust tip

    I can't remember the brand. Bought over a year ago and just never used it.
  5. I have a new satin black exhaust tip for sale. 3.5" inlet and about 14" long.$35 plus shipping
  6. I have a set of used 07-13 Silverado LED black and red taillights. They function like they should . They are in ok condition but one had a corner broken off. I glued it on and put black vinyl over the corner. From a distance you can't notice it.Asking $100 shipped for them
  7. 07-13 Custom skid plate

    I have a custom skid plate I bought for my truck that I just have not used. It is new but could use a buffing. Should fit 07-13 silverado, sierra, tahoe, etc.Asking $150 plus shipping obo
  8. I have a nice used 07-13 LTZ black split style grill. It is in good used condition with one spot of the chrome peeling up. No broken clips.Asking $250 plus shipping
  9. WTB -- 18" OEM WHEELS

    I am looking for a set of 4 oem 18" rims. If you have set you want to sell pm me a pic and price shipped tp 53012. Thanks
  10. This is just the catback exhaust. Not the manifolds. I might go look at it tomorrow if he still has it.
  11. Will an exhaust from a 2014 silverado 6.2l fit a 2013 silverado 6.2l without modifications? Reason I ask is I can get a lightly used magnaflow system
  12. My toyo at2's do it a little bit at slow speeds but not bad enough to get different tires. Plus different psi does affect it also.
  13. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Just got back from a 600 round trip from last weekend at the in-laws, yesterday. Took off stock wheels and put my 305's back on. Worth the swap, trip up there I got 16 mpg. On the way back I go 18 mpg!! I was surprised!! I found that 72-73 mph was my sweet spot on the freeway. I guess I can get decent mpg out of the 6.2L.
  14. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Just finished changing the oil in the truck. Gave it some fresh Mobil 1 at 41000 miles. Also took the 295/55/20 Toyo at2 off and put the stock 17" rims on. Going on trip next weekend and stockers ride soo much nicer, are quieter, and get better mpg. Plus when I get back, the truck is going in to get the transfercase checked out.

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