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  1. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Just got back from a 600 round trip from last weekend at the in-laws, yesterday. Took off stock wheels and put my 305's back on. Worth the swap, trip up there I got 16 mpg. On the way back I go 18 mpg!! I was surprised!! I found that 72-73 mph was my sweet spot on the freeway. I guess I can get decent mpg out of the 6.2L.
  2. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Just finished changing the oil in the truck. Gave it some fresh Mobil 1 at 41000 miles. Also took the 295/55/20 Toyo at2 off and put the stock 17" rims on. Going on trip next weekend and stockers ride soo much nicer, are quieter, and get better mpg. Plus when I get back, the truck is going in to get the transfercase checked out.
  3. I have a new 17 GNC Acadia all terrain 3.6l. Hate is say it but I kind of like driving it instead of my truck. Great power and handling and has plenty of cargo room. I haven't played with the awd yet. We are averaging mid 20's for mpg.
  4. I have 295/55/20 toyo at2 and I have the front at 43 psi and rear at 40 psi
  5. C load or E load BFG KO2 for off road

    What size are you getting?
  6. C load or E load BFG KO2 for off road

    If you can get C rated get them. The E rated tire will affect your mpg and it will ride rougher.
  7. Overstock Adams polish

    Stuff still for sale updated list Waterlesswash- 1ea $8 Butter Wax - 1ea $15 Brilliant glaze - 1ea $15 each Undercarriage spray - 2ea $9 each All purpose cleaner - 2 ea $8 each 32 oz 1ea $16 Wheel cleaner - 1ea $10 Deep wheel cleaner - 1ea $10 Tire & rubber cleaner - 1ea $8 H2O guard & gloss - 2ea $15 each Prices are listed above plus shipping.
  8. Overstock Adams polish

  9. There is a difference but not too much.
  10. where to order tires from

    Tires-easy.com I ordered a set for my dad and had them in 2 days. 45 day no hassle returns and they pay shipping. Ordered another set last night for my truck.
  11. I use this website to give you an idea of the difference. Put in stock and the new combo and it will tell you how it will fit compared to stock. https://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp
  12. My stock 17" and 265/70/17 tires are around 60#. My current 20" with 275/60/20 are like 82#. And my other set which is 17's with 295/70/17 nitto g2 are like 95#. Planning to upgrade to 295/55/20 toyo at2 next week. There is a difference in stock to larger tires but you get use to it. The main thing is you will lose mpg.
  13. Overstock Adams polish

    Vrt and tire shine SOLD thanks Matt
  14. Hello from Wisconsin!!

    Welcome from 20 min north

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