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  1. How much reduction in sales price will this mean? It should be a chunk! I could careless about warranty. I would rather be turning my own wrenches.
  2. Ditto..... I have seen them with more than that on the stick and not leaking or doing anything weird. Jbo
  3. I did a write up about working on the track system. Some pictures and required tools... http://wiki.hurstolds.org/GM_Power_Seat_Fix_page_1.html Jbo
  4. Any of you guys changed the ignition switch? Does it require reprogramming after installing new switch? Jbo
  5. I see melted headlamp assemblies, in your near future. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk
  6. govtech4 is dead on. .. ... I have seen coolers blocked with burned fluid. But you usually notice the low flow of fluid as hard to turn steering in my past finds. A newly reman pump tends to make a small amount of noise for a few hundred miles. Just to be the parts salesman I am, and every parts salesman will join me in this. "YOUR NOT PUTTING THE PULLEY ON WITH A HAMMER or PRESS ARE YOU?" I have to ask, from time to time I hear yes. I hope it to be a NO, bleep bleep, what do you think I'm a moron!!!! But it happens and I gotta ask.
  7. Bosch, hands down. Year 3, no streaks. I frequently lift my wiper blades from my windshield, to prevent them from sticking. Also, keep my windshield clean of debris. I park outside, year round. I have sold pretty much every brand available over the years and used them on my vehicles. Tried and true Bosch
  8. I ran into a trailblazer a few years ago, that had the ABS pump running. It was barely noticeable audibly. It too had a stuck brake caliper. Also, had drove the owner nuts, he had replaced all 4 calipers. He had it towed to my shop. Upon initial viewing of the truck on my lift. I noted left and right calipers were reversed on front and rear, bleeder screws go atop the caliper not on the bottom. I had everything in working condition and sliding freely. Pressed the brakes without the truck running never could get it to stick. For some reason I cranked the truck on the lift and had somebody in the cab pressing the brakes for me. I noticed I felt a small vibration on the lines leading from the ABS, continued to feel around and found the pump was running. Pulled the fuse it quit put it back the brakes stuck, pulled it they worked. After several rounds of that, I decided the module must be the cause. I don't remember the complete diagnostics, as its been a few years. I do remember the pump was bad, and possibly the whole ABS module and hydraulic body. I DO REMEMBER THE brake fluid was BLACK with a rust tint. I blamed the rust as the culprit. As far as the 2 rubber hose looking pieces (obo 1inch long) on each front caliper. They stick inside the caliper pin bore, cushioning the caliper pin. They should be pushed fully into the caliper pin bore. Then the rubber boot installed. Then the pin lubricated and installed on the vehicle.
  9. Get a heater, just dont set your clothing on fire in the process. It takes about 45 minutes, if you know what tools you need before you start. Takes longer to cuss the fan clutch nut than to change the pump.
  10. I had a flowmaster system on my truck that rusted through. A few years ago I put a Borla system on my truck. Never noticed much of a change in MPGs...... Just sounds better.
  11. I always sell the longer plug wires. I have the number on a post it note at work taped to my monitor. I don't even ask, thats just what you get.
  12. Spark Plug Wires for Specific Coils

    I always sell the longer plug wires. I have the number on a post it note at work taped to my monitor. I don't even ask, thats just what you get.
  13. Sounds like your getting air flow in the engine after the MAF has read the volume of air entering. Leaking intake gasket, cracked intake, or a vacuum leak. Lean both banks go look for where its getting extra unmetered air.

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