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  1. Lets See Some Towing Pics!

    Hauled this hog home yesterday. 2009 X720 with 228 hours. That little 2.8 Duramax sure pulls good. Not gonna lie, I see the hook (or is it addiction) with diesels and towing (please GM the 1/2 ton diesel better be good). Apparently my brain doesn't work as both times I've towed with my Colorado, I've forgotten to take a shot of the truck and trailer. Doh!
  2. Goodbye HD...

    11000 miles update. Added DEF at 7600 miles. Wanted to see if I could get to 8000 before any of the speed limiters hit, but I didn't want to risk it. Got to tow with it twice now. Man does it pull great! Handles a snowmobile trailer better than my 2012 1500 did. Pulled my sled home a few weeks ago, and just the other day I brought home a 2009 John Deere X720 on the trailer. That was a good tow as that tractor had to have been close to 1000lbs, especially with the wheel weights in it. Got 23mpg average pulling it, 20 mile trip back home. Exhaust brake works excellent with a load on it.
  3. Yea all 2017 vehicles the factory fill is full synthetic (except the 6.6 Duramax). GM started the switch back in late 2016 with the 5w30 first, and then the 0w20 followed shortly after. They are GF-6 spec oils (which those standards go into effect 2018), so they have better SIDI fuel deposit control, and better small displacement turbo engine detonation control. https://passenger.lubrizoladditives360.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Turbocharged-Direct-Injection-Is-Engine-Oils-Next-Big-Hurdle.pdf The full synthetics are the Dexos 1 Gen 2 oils. http://www.centerforqa.com/dexos-brand2015/ Note all licensed Gen 2 oils are full synthetics.
  4. No. BCM is blank, no mileage when ordered from GM. That mileage increase says something fishy about the one they put in your truck. EDIT: IF you can, check your paperwork for any part numbers used. Current active part for your truck is 13594692, list price $138.58. They are NEW, they are NOT listed as a reman unit. If I were you, I'd be more frustrated at the dealer than GM. Might want to call customer service and maybe get them to drop a line to their district manager to look into this, especially if they are pulling some strange games with your truck...
  5. Mobil is who GM uses. Our distributor is NOCO, and every engine oil we order from GM is Mobil products, including the AC Delco branded ones. Best examples are the Corvette/Cadillac and Chrysler. Corvette and Cadillac were Mobil1 for near forever, but with the advent of the Dexos line, Cadillac dropped out the Mobil1 fill, and only the Corvette is left. Chrysler performance products are factory filled with Pennzoil products, specifically Pennzoil Platinum. If an OEM markets a brand specific "premium" factory fill, its more than likely that they use that brand for all engine oil factory filsl, but maybe a different product line. They also are typically the producer of the OEM branded oil (Mobil does the AC Delco for GM, its even in a Mobil Super oil bottle).
  6. Factory fill on 2017 trucks is full synthetic.
  7. It is a very solid contribution, and many years in the field to back it up. You seem to be missing the fact, that in no way, shape or form, that there is no such thing as a "GM Certified" lift kit. None. Zero. Zip. Not sure what you keep missing on that part. GM voids warranties for aftermarket modifications causing failures on vehicles. Lift kits are included on that one. And lets make this really obvious to you...You state in your original post that GM denied warranty. IF your lift was so "GM certified", then why did GM deny you warranty? Its pretty obvious... No ignorance on my part, just yours. Your dealer boned you with their "GM certified" pitch. Nice try, and good luck.
  8. Again...no such thing as a GM certified lift kit. No agreement, no kits, no nothing. GM does not warranty any aftermarket modifications, be it done by the dealer or not. Someone there fed you a good line and the lure is still stuck.
  9. Looks almost...Colorado-ish? The front bumper shape and the valance lines look like a Colorado. I have a strange feeling Ram and Chevy will have some design similarity from the uncovered 2019 Ram.
  10. No such thing as a GM certified lift kit. Nail in the coffin right there, that's why GM is being hands off of it.
  11. The gas pump thing on the DIC? They are all at that same spot, on every single 4.2" color cluster on these trucks. 2014 and up, Silverado, Colorado, Sierra, Canyon, Tahoe, Suburban, Escalade, Yukon, and anything else that uses that cluster display. Its NOT a representation of the fuel level in the truck.
  12. Well, he's right and wrong. The main serpentine drive belt (alternator, crank, water pump) has a traditional tensioner on it. The AC compressor is on its own "stretch belt", thus using no belt tensioner. GM did this back in 2011 or so for the compressor. The vacuum pump is on its own "stretch belt" as well. The three belt system is 2014+up 4.3, 5.3 and 6.2.
  13. Swap gears all you want (not sure I would being an eAssist) but you are still over weight and a crew cab short box CANNOT run a 5th wheel due to the short box (cab will be destroyed by the trailer). You need more truck for a 9500lbs 5th wheel.
  14. Right from the 2017 order guide: http://www.gmfleetorderguide.com/NASApp/domestic/proddesc.jsp?year=2017&regionID=1&divisionID=1&type=0&vehicleID=20064&section=oi_def&page=6&butID=3 Also, E-Assist is 2017-2018, no 2016.
  15. You've bought the wrong truck for a 9500lbs trailer. Also, a crew cab short box, the only body style the e-Assist trucks come in, can't run a 5th wheel due to the bed size. Trade it for an HD. E Assist is available 2wd and 4wd.

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