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  1. I'm not defending it. All I did was mention that GM may have possibly acknowledged a cause on the Ecotec3 for having AFM issues.
  2. Stock wheels are 18x8.5" with a 24mm offset. They are not 18X9". 275/70/18, 275/65/18, 285/65/18 are the three safest that I can think of without needing more lift or trimming. Per rough country on stock wheel 285/65/18 is the widest their kit is designed for http://www.roughcountry.com/gm-leveling-lift-kit-1307.html
  3. Did you test drive before purchasing? At all? Maybe even at night? The only real issue is the coolant everywhere it seems. The giggling headlights is a normal issue. Its an HD truck, not a Cadillac.
  4. I can see Express/Savana getting this over the 2.8 that they put in there now.
  5. No need to cut and splice. Looks to be the harness is equipped for both trucks as the instructions say. Instructions from the Silverado bar: Instructions from the Colorado bar:
  6. But your facts are wrong. Confirmed from GM its an all new ground up in house design, and will be built in Michigan.
  7. Hill decent

    Sounds like it was powertrain grade braking not hill descent. Hill Descent Control is button operated via a button on the dashboard and only works below 15mph. Hill Descent is on Z71 only.
  8. APO 1 and APO 2 are the ones under the HVAC at the front of the console. I would imagine that 1 is the left and 2 is the right. APO 3 is the one in the center console storage compartment (in the bin under the armrest). APO 4 is the one at the back of the center console for rear occupants.
  9. On the 1500 K2 Silverado its a "trim level." The HD trucks and GMC its a suspension option. Silverado 1500 there is 1LT and 2LT. 1LT is called the LT (chrome bumpers, regular 4x4, etc.). 2LT is LT Z71 (Z71 package, painted bumpers, Z71 cluster, door sills, hill descent control). Same for 1LZ (4x4) and 2LZ (Z71). The new trucks are going back to the old way, where it was a suspension option.
  10. I like it. Rebel looks much better than the current one. Interior is a big improvement as well. I think that design will wear well on the HDs when they come out.
  11. Motor Trend has a great gallery (scroll to the bottom) http://www.motortrend.com/news/car-photos-2018-detroit-auto-show/ That knob on the 4x4 switch in the Trail Boss looks to have a two/haul and a finish line flag. Possibly a "terrain" selector or transmission mode selector? Neutral is in the middle. But in the High Country, there is no symbols on it other than the Neutral light for the transfer case. There is no tow/haul indicator on the shift lever either on both trucks...
  12. HVAC controls should be simple like GM's approach. Having them as part of the infotainment system (yes I see the buttons for the 12" screen) is annoying.
  13. Member revrnd I believe has one on his regular cab HD but no plow, just the valance: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/208182-factory-winter-grill-cover-install/?tab=comments#comment-2067773 Look down where the red tow hooks are.
  14. GM is gonna hold back because they have a bunch of 2018s to unload and there will be the 2019 Silverado "Legacy" K2 body trucks out of Oshawa being built as well.

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