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  1. XT4 has it. They call it Shadow Metallic. Same paint code WA-626D. Have a lookie - https://www.cadillac.com/future-concept-vehicles/xt4-crossover Looks like a tweaked version of Graphite Metallic.
  2. Dynamic Fuel Management is the biggest known difference right now. The question I think that would arise is does it have dual fuel injection like the LT5 does or not. That has the potential to A) help on the intake cleaning side of things, and B) support more POWER. They are being very hush still though. Heck, the order guide makes note of there being a base engine and its future availability, yet GM still hasn't said what it could be. All we know is 5.3, 6.2 and 3.0TD.
  3. Remember, the trucks are up to 400lbs lighter now too. If you keep the power the same, the weight loss and added gears will add performance.
  4. On the contrary...https://jalopnik.com/why-the-2018-ford-f-150-diesel-2wd-gets-30-mpg-and-the-1825384321 4x4 is only 25MPG highway. Damn, 5mpg LOSS over 2wd.
  5. Not all trailers have the need for a brake controller in terms of an electronic one though. There is always trailers with surge brakes.
  6. Damn. That's 2WD Colorado Duramax turf. https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/Find.do?action=sbs&id=39069&id=39077
  7. Love the Centennial. That said, I'm gonna go with a guess of a disloged/spun/failed AFM lifter. We had a brand new 2018 do this with 40 miles on it, while our dealer driver was coming back with the truck on a dealer trade. That truck ended up with one whole bank of lifters, lifter guides, a camshaft and the valve lifer manifold assembly. Almost wonder if the two trucks had engines built at a similar time and date. They will fix you up though, and it will run great. GM will more than likely be wanting those parts back for evaluation, whatever the cause may be.
  8. https://www.etrailer.com/faq-cbc.aspx 5,000 lbs is your max capacity with that truck.
  9. That's the one. Also, to all, take note the old body trucks are what is in there right now. It will be updated with the new body at some point.
  10. DPN with chrome caps is the kit you have. 23372181 is chrome, 23372182 is black. Both DPN style. For DQS, the dealer has to order each mirror individually. The harnesses they got your are the right ones for both DPN and DQS mirrors, so you just need the mirrors 84228891 and 84228892. Although they claimed VIN specific, its actually a build date specific harness, as the harness changed design September 20th, 2017. So, trucks before that date used design 1, trucks after design 2.
  11. Yea if each module doesn't see the same VIN, that may be the red flag that's causing most of the issues.
  12. Busted flywheel. Quite common on the Gen 3 motors. I'd open the trans inspection plug and see if you can see any cracks. Usually they crack around the bolts that hold it to the crank.
  13. Some insight from the GM service book: 23231301 and 23206790. Expensive mistake due to some bad instructions. Rough Country should re-evaluate.

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