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  1. I did end up cutting after that pic so hopefully it helps. Did that help with your problem?
  2. Pretty sure my 2014 2wd does not have this feature either. I have scrolled through the DIC and never noticed it. I'll give it another look and see what is there.
  3. I like this. I also like having the 120 port. Wonder if this could be done on the other two outlets?
  4. Bring on the Black Friday deals!!

    I would like a cordless impact wrench so I can remove wheels and tires for rotation. Not sure those 1/4" deals at Lowes and Home Depot can do the job. Anyone try them out?
  5. Just a few posts I see that seem to be leading in the direction of GMfullsize. I don't come here to read my dad can beat up your dad type posts. GMfullsize looks like you cannot get a straight answer for anything.
  6. How-To: Remote Spin-On Transmission Filter Kit.

    Added this one to my Christmas list also. Still working well I assume?
  7. How-To: Adding A Coolant Filter K2.

    Just added these parts to my Christmas list. We'll see if this shows up. It will give me something maintenance wise to do over the holidays while I am off. Still doing good for you?
  8. If anyone is like me, you have more than one forum you go to for different things you are looking for. For my Silverado, I have 3 forums bookmarked. This is the best forum out there IMO. GMfullsize is full of nothing but kids looking to one up each other on the clown scale. I am seeing some of this creeping into this site Please don't let this happen to gm-trucks.com. Thanks
  9. This happened to a buddy of mine when we were younger. We were hauling a truck load of oyster bags to oyster houses down in Florida. We probably had about 2000 bags on the truck. It was fairly new truck at the time, maybe 88 or so. My buddy was driving and had his McDonalds cup on the dash. He reached up to get it and knocked it into reverse and we were going about 60 MPH or so. The truck made a loud boom sound and it killed the truck. He put it in neutral, hit the key and it started right up. Put it back in drive and we kept on rolling like nothing happened. That truck survived that, so I would suspect yours will be fine too.
  10. Keep us updated on it. I'd love to see you add it to this thread.
  11. I tried this on the way to work this morning. I got the menu to come up and flipped around in it but saw nothing that was really too interesting. Some of the menu items would not let me click into them. Maybe the truck has to be in park to get a little deeper into it.
  12. I just turned 93k yesterday on the way home from work. A scary thing is, I was driving north on hwy 58 and saw an SUV coming south towards me clip a deer in the hind quarters. I have hit one deer in that same area a few years ago.
  13. Anything to save a dollar for them and get another dollar out of you. My w014 is in a Ziploc also.
  14. I'd like to hear if this helps with your truck. I am not having any issues with my 2014 and have 93k miles but you never know when something like this pops up.
  15. Curious as to how this wires in. Did you have to cut factory wires?

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