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  1. Ahh, I just remembered asking for that from one of the GM Reps that used to be on here quite regularly. I looked at it and it says 1LT. But it also has these codes
  2. How do I know if i have a 1LT or 2LT? Mine is 2014 2wd, has drivers power seat, manual passengers both heated. Center console, rear slider, back up warning, the big radio display without GPS.
  3. I have had to use my aftermarket warranty and the factory warranty on mine. As a matter fact I used the factory again yesterday. So far each of my complaints have been taken care of. I have about 2400 miles left on my 100k mile warranty.
  4. You mentioned double faced tape. You might try a piece of good duct tape doubled over with the sticky side out. Some 3M trim tape might work too if you wrap a section of the bore scope near the end. Same goes with the duct tape, near the end of the bore scope.
  5. I just took my 2014 in for coolant smell near the passengers side front a few weeks ago. They replaced the radiator and the thermostat under warranty. My truck has 97k on it. I even got a rental while the work was being done.
  6. My old muscle. Has an 02 LS6, cammed, 5 speed.
  7. if it is daylight out, I reach up and turn the headlight switch to the left and turn the daytime running lights off every time. There is a thread where someone details taking the headlight switch out and removing the spring that makes the headlight switch spring to auto.
  8. Thanks for the offer Rasta! I'll keep that in mind. I keep thinking I am finding the correct part number but so far no luck.
  9. I am 2wd so it may not be as bad if I do have to replace the lines. I just had the radiator replaced under warranty about 1000 miles ago. I believe the majority of my leak is from one of the fittings at the radiator and the fix should be on them. Most of the leak I see is under the radiator and condenser. The leak from the oil line is minimal at this point.
  10. Oil Leak

    Finally, I came across a thread that says the oil cooler lines and the transmission lines both go to the radiator. I have not verified this but I did call my dealer just now to let them know I have an oil leak after the radiator replacement. In my mind, it is on them to fix that end of the leak.
  11. Just found this thread and I just found the hose leaking on my 2014. I am at 97k miles. For those that have replaced the line, I can see the block just above the oil filter, where is the cooler end located? I believe mine is also leaking at that end because there is oil at the radiator/condenser support also on mine.
  12. Oil Leak

    By searching the internet, I think I have found the hose set in part number 15809049. Amazon carries it for $93.78. I bet it is leaking at the engine oil cooler also and running down. Now, I just need to locate the engine oil cooler. Surely, the engine oil cooler is not broke also. Condenser and radiator, why not the engine oil cooler. I am at 97500 miles and almost out of my extended warranty and power train warranty. I don't think, warranty would cover the hoses leaking however. Edit: now I am not so sure that part will fit my truck according to Amazon. Having a hard time locating anything on GM websites.
  13. Oil Leak

    Oil Leak 7. This is the block near the oil filter where the line that is leaking originates. From the picture above that shows the leak at the crimped fitting, both lines and the block have to be replaced to correct this leak. Not sure this would fall under drive train warranty.
  14. Oil Leak

    Oil leak 4. This is a cross member between frame rails. Where the skid plate mounts.

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